Our Love & Care natural lubricant test: simple, natural and vegan!

Water-based lubricant, natural lubricant, warming, moisturizing… There are a ton of options for everyone to slide during penetration. It’s normal, then, if you don’t know who to do. Can you be guided a little?

From the beginning of my sex life, I never felt the need to use lubricant. In the end… that’s what happened until I used sex toys more often (thanks for my post on Madmoizelle’s sex section)!

So that it doesn’t get stuck, and facilitate entry (on objects, fingers or a genitals), lubricants are almost necessary, especially if you suffer dryness of the vagina or that you want to try your hand at anal, for example.

From the most beautiful to the most basic, there are so many types of lubricant that it is sometimes difficult to know what sets them apart and even more so to know which one matches our needs.

Let’s start with the simple, with the test Love & Care natural lubricant, organic and moisturizingperfect for beginners to ski.

Love & Care natural lubricant from 4.90 € in the Passage of Desire

Love & Care natural lubricant test

Whatever the reason for its use, a lubricant creates sensations that are more pleasurable and helps to arouse sex, a key factor in lubrication, even when there is a lack of estrogen. “, Explains psychosomatician gynecologist Odile Bagot in Health Magazine.

One hazelnut is enough to prevent friction, overheating and irritation. »

Lubricant is sometimes necessary, so!

To repair your orifices during a report, Love & Caring thinking of a lubricant 100% natural and hydrating, a concentrate of gliding “kansang” Hazelnut is enough to prevent friction, overheating and irritation. »

Made from water, glycerin and gum arabic, the texture of Love & Care’s natural lubricant is as soft as silky and allows both to be used. within during any penetration, right outside for more beautiful caresses.

Plus it? Love & Care lubricant is available at many sizes (100ml, 50ml or 25ml) and has not been tested on animals!

How to use natural lubricant in Love & Care?

It’s simple!

Put a dabor better yet, lubricant in the immediate area you want to absorb or stimulate, and so on.

According to the brand, the small amount is enough for a long glide “, but do not hesitate have a more generous hand if you feel you need it. Be careful not to get too hard, so that the condom does not come off once it penetrates the genitals.

The positive points of Love & Care natural lubricant

  • A soft, non -sticky texture : sometimes, lubricants can have a defect that is quite sticky. This is not the case with Love & Care natural lubricant! Hikapa, he did not hang up and no deposit was left. And when it comes into contact with the skin’s mucous membranes, it’s smart, like water.
  • A neutral and pleasant taste and smell : I don’t know you, but a lubricant scent filled with Sephora store or chemical wild strawberry cuts my appetites. The cool thing about Love & Care lube is that it has no smell and that he had no particular taste, which made him a good allyjust there to help you not overdo it.
  • It can be used with sex toys or condoms without worry.
  • It’s ethical, because it’s organic, natural and vegan (Not tested on animals). Something to have fun with without feeling guilty, even if the suffering of animals is definitely not what worries you the most during the retreat.

The negative points of Love & Care natural lubricant

  • In my opinion, the only problem is the lube his size. It can be available in three formats (100 mL, 50 mL or 25 mL), the packaging stays small and the product is quick to finish. Pity for those who regularly use it.

Love & Care natural lubricant in short

Love & Care lubricant is perfect for people who don’t want to take the lead and choose a natural product. no chemical ingredients extendable.

The only difficulty is its size, I recommend it, but to people who use it occasionally and not every day, because the product is very easily consumed !

In the meantime, pray for the brand to release larger versions!

Love & Care natural lubricant from 4.90 € in the Passage of Desire

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