how to plant it in our garden as a sign of support?

In the spring, there is nothing like going back to planting to shape and preserve your mental health. After caring for your beautiful tulips, why not plant sunflowers in your garden in support of the Ukrainians? In fact, the sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. As such, this flower can truly be seen as a symbol of resistance since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In our opinion, here is a good reason to combine business with happiness by growing it at home as a sign of peace. Why and how to plant sunflower seeds? Follow the leader!

The sunflower and the emblematic and national flower of Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion, this flower has become a symbol of unwavering support for Ukrainians from around the world. It imposes itself everywhere, as a symbol of resistance and unity. On leaflets, clothes, signs, graffiti or even on women’s hair. The incident intensified with American “First Lady”, Jill Biden, who also wore it embroidered with her protective mask against Covid-19. Where does this powerful symbol come from? How to grow sunflowers at home? We tell you everything!

What is the traditional meaning of sunflower?

sunflowers for peace in Ukraine 2022

The sunflower is traditionally seen as a symbol of unwavering faith and unconditional love, which are positive feelings, more than political color. So a huge popular resistance might fit it. In addition, the fact that the symbol has a natural connection to the country reinforces the possibility that it will be accepted by most people. In the particular case of Ukraine, the sunflower, “soniashnyk” in Ukrainian, is the national flower of the country.

meaning of sunflower for ukrainians

It should be noted that Ukraine provides, along with Russia, up to 80% of world exports of sunflower oil. In addition, the Orthodox Church helped popularize the sunflower flower by replacing it with common butter during Lent. This flower is also a national symbol of peace. The color sunflower yellow is also shown on the flag of Ukraine. On social networks, the video of this woman apostrophying a Russian soldier by giving him sunflower seeds went viral.

sunflower seeds in honor of Ukraine

Here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Sowing directly into the ground from April to June, if the soil is not frozen or covered with snow.
  • Prepare the soil by plowing about twenty centimeters.
  • Remove rocks and grass roots.

sowing sunflowers in rows or in passages 2022

Here are our recommendations for sowing them in rows:

  • Stir the soil to break up the buds and get a good seedbed.
  • A rake may be needed to complete this collapse.
  • Sunflower is usually sown in rows.
  • Stretch a rope and trace the passage using the rake handle.

why plant sunflower seeds

And in the passage:

  • The depth of the passage should not exceed 2-3 cm.
  • You can also sow the seed by seed in a hole dug with a hoe.
  • Distribute the seeds individually, at a distance of 20 cm from each other.
  • One of the two plants should be thinned.

planting sunflowers to support the Ukrainians

First, cover the seeds by tapping the soil at the edges of the groove with a rake. Then, with the back of this tool, tamp the soil so that the seeds are in good contact with the ground. Finally, wet the linen fine rain with a watering can be tool with an apple, even if the soil is wet.

planting sunflower seeds peace in ukraine

If you want to harvest the seeds from sunflowers, prune the plant when the petals start to fall. After that, place the flower heads to dry in a protected place. When the seeds are dry, they are removed by simple friction of the capitulum. Then you need to continue drying the seeds by placing them out of direct sunlight.

how to collect and sunflower seeds 2022

How to secure your shot? Try this by taking them between your thumb and forefinger: if one is dry, it will break, if it doesn’t turn. Be careful not to wait too long before harvesting the flower heads. In fact, many birds love sunflower seeds and may steal them from storage.

sunflower iconic flower of Ukraine 2022

The biggest variety of sunflower can be found their place in the vegetable garden, under the bed, in front of a wall, a fence, on a temporary fence. Other varieties, low and branched, such as “Sunspot” or “Lots of Smiles” will decorate with flowers, borders, pots. Be careful if you want to collect the seeds, because the varieties are mixed. To protect them, place the sunflower heads in paper bags when all the seeds are formed.

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