“Consent education can be the subject of specific school lessons”


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Presidential 2022. Anne Hidalgo conveyed to Aufeminin her vision and her suggestions on many themes, including education. It aims to combat gender inequalities from school.

Asked by Aufeminin’s editorial staff, Anne Hidalgo agreed to answer our question and give us her positions on various topics. The Socialist Party candidate for the presidential election thus detailed her proposals on women’s health, gender equality and women’s rights. He also explained to us his perspective on education.

Anne Hidalgo assured that “Consent education can be the subject of specific school lessons within real sex education courses.”. He also intends to fight against “all discrimination”By putting“ ltransmission of Republican values“in the heart of a”reformed and strengthened civic education”. Finally, she detailed her positions on the fight against gender inequalities, particularly through school textbooks.

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Anne Hidalgo: her educational positions

Sex education is now needed in middle school and high school, but little is used. How do you intend to implement it?

I will place the transmission of Republican values ​​(freedom, equality, brotherhood, secularism and the fight against all forms of discrimination: anti-Semitism, racism, LGBTQIphobias and sexism) at the heart of a redesigned and strengthened civic education. Consent education can also be the subject of specific school lessons in the context of real sex education courses, especially since pornography harms young people in this area.

Do you plan to teach gender equality from elementary school?

I will reject school books that express gender stereotypes in school. I will take on teaching staff to deconstruct these stereotypes, especially during the sectors orientation process. And diversity should be encouraged during various school activities, and especially in sport.

Books, corpus studies, women lack representation in programs: how to fix it?

Yes, and we will fix it. I don’t think the issue should be resolved by image quotas. On the other hand, the commissions validating the books must prove respect for a schedule of conditions that place equal representation of women and men in priority.

Bac reform led to the abandonment of scientific subjects among young women. How do you intend to facilitate women’s access to so-called men’s professions?

I will return to the recent lycée reform to prevent some students, and women in particular, from dropping out of mathematics, as has happened in recent years, undermining twenty years of effort to achieve almost perfect uniformity.
I will strengthen the attractiveness of scientific careers for young people, and young women in particular, especially by increasing public research funding to reach the threshold of 3% of GDP spent on research and development. .
I will also lead an awareness campaign to strengthen the attractiveness of future more masculine sectors, such as the digital sector, for girls by insisting on diversity in professions.

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