Blizzard Activision Asks Gamers About Crypto, Virtual Reality, Metaverse – NFTs Coming?

Activision Blizzard asked players about their views on emerging gaming trends, such as non-fungible tokens or NFTs, and cryptocurrencies-to name a few, in a new or surveys.

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Interestingly, gaming giants like Ubisoft have already joined one of the hottest cravings in town, the NFTs.

This comes as games like Axie Infinity take the world by storm by allowing their players to make money while playing.

Activision Blizzard Player Poll: Crypto, NFT

According to a report from NME, the gambling giant, which has many popular titles such as Call of Duty and World of WarcraftActivision Blizzard is now asking players about the latest gaming trends.

Some Activision Blizzard players received a survey from YouGov, which NME said was a research company known to collect survey data.

The YouGov survey specifically asked Activision Blizzard players about gaming trends these days, including playing to win. Not to mention that he also asked for their opinion on cryptos and NFTs.

Activision Blizzard Players and Emerging Gaming Trends

A Twitter user using the username OTadaka then shared a screenshot of the survey, in which he said Activision Blizzard asked about NFTs and cryptos.

The screenshot reveals that the YouGov survey asked survey participants about their interests in “progressive / future gaming trends”.

Activision Blizzard Asks Gamers About Crypto, VR, Metaverse - Is NFT Coming Soon?

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The questionnaire covered a variety of gambling trends, including cloud gaming, earn-money games, and gambling subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass.

He also lists other gaming technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and, of course, NFTs.

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Activision Blizzard and NFT

Meanwhile, another tweet from @Oakshardic revealed that the survey ended with redirecting players to the store, which is Activision Blizzard’s game marketplace.

NME has suggested that it may be announced that Activision Blizzard plans to push the first rodeo into the evolving world of NFTs.

However, according to a recent report from Game Radars, Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Ybarra himself has scrapped any plans to explore the world of play-to-ear and NFT games.

Activision Blizzard Asks Gamers About Crypto, VR, Metaverse - Is NFT Coming Soon?

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In fact, Blizzard’s boss responded to a report about the investigation by saying that “no one was doing NFT.”

The tweet came from Blizzard head Ybarra’s official Twitter account himself, explaining that the gaming company has not developed any NFT integrations for its games.

As such, it’s not yet clear why Activision Blizzard is voting its players on gaming trends like NFTs.

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