Two dogs and two cats to be adopted at the SPA de l’Eure, in Évreux

Each week, residents discover the hideout of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves to trying to find a new family.

torei isan

“I am new to this large family of shelter tragedy. I am Horei and I am two years old. The volunteers found me calm on the walks and even said I was a big kid again asking for all the gentleness from the human race! I’m really attractive and adorable, so they say. Don’t be afraid of my laziness when you come to meet me, I have to fill up and a little after this thick passage in Guadeloupe. In the park, my thing is pursuit and discovery, but I always remain kind to my surroundings. I’m not a big fan of the presence of my dog ​​friends and I’m always on the lookout when they try to approach me. But I’m learning every day to calm down, and that’s the best medicine. My volunteers keep high hopes but it would be better for now if, in my future home, I am the only one in love with my masters! So please, if my description and my face hurt your heart, go and meet me right away. »


“I’m called Bella (born in 2014)! And for good reason, it all melted in front of my head in love! I’m the quiet force of refuge despite my size. There’s no violence in my gestures and actions. .My passions? Big hugs, love and snoring naps.That’s my conception of happiness, but in the shelter you might think it’s not always possible if I’m locked in my box.I’m starting to break down with depression because the months have passed and I am still looking for my lucky stars.If you know the description of my race you should know that we are a stubborn chouille.We choose our people and I am one adventurer who prefers that I am the only pet in the house.So if you are a calm family, no excessive physical activity but love beautiful walks followed by great sleeps where we have plenty of time to snore to -with, hurry and meet me and offer me the friendly place I miss. . »


“Hello, I’m Cachou! The real sweet joy that will delight the lovers of sweets. I’m a first class purr! However, all did not start well. I was dropped off in front of the shelter locked in a crate with my brother and sister. As you can imagine, at the beginning of my life, I did not receive the care I needed, but the shelter did everything to make up for this deficiency. I remain an unconditional fan of the relationship with my beloved bipeds that I love so much. I prefer caresses (which I don’t hesitate to go and ask for) than games that easily hurt me. So if your little heart is pounding for my gentle nature and flowing love, know that I totally agree to be YOUR kuddly twink just for you! »


“Hello, my name is Plume. I can confirm that this name fits me very well. I am a kind little cat, gentle and very masterful. I was dropped at the door of the shelter one day and since then I have had a hard time holding on to life because my thing is family life and making people happy… I like to take the groan in your arms, must I have this relationship to surround you with my warmth and my love. With me, be happy and we won’t even talk about me: a home, caresses, a little game is the winning cocktail so I can end my life peacefully, because sadly I am not in perfect health and in pregnant women. the refuge I no longer have the strength to fight. The warmth of a family can change my life because, as they say, while there is life, there is hope. »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a dedicated owner at the Évreux Animal Protection Society. This can be adopted in return for the amount that covers veterinary costs. The dog is amputated, vaccinated and neutered: 190 €; cut, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: € 260; neutered, vaccinated and amputated cats: € 110; sterilized, vaccinated and slaughtered cat: 160 €. Arrangements are possible if there is adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and new proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, sa Évreux. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 2 pm to 4:30 pm Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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