the truth of his unclear relationship with Catherine Deneuve is FINALLY revealed

For sixty years, this rumor has poisoned the lives of Johnny Hallyday and Catherine Deneuve. What is the nature of their relationship?

How does Johnny Hallyday feel for Catherine Deneuve?

This song by Johnny Hallyday has lyrics that can be translated in a variety of ways. However, because of the brightness in Catherine Deneuve’s eyes, one wonders if she can’t get it at the cost of the face. Sixty years after the shooting of this film, Objeko decided to take stock. Even when Idol is no longer with young people to express his opinion, the one to whom he responds always carves this moment out of time. And not this biographer will be able to tell the opposite!

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After the first imprisonment, Gilles Lhote threw a rock into the pond. He keeps on TV movies and is sure of himself. The famous Lady Lucille meant by Johnny Hallyday in a pipe, it’s actually Catherine Deneuve. For proof, just look at the illustrated photo in the book. The pose between the two celebrities is more than subjective. They seem to be just one person. What the author forgot (voluntarily or not) determined was that at the time of the filming of the said film, Sylvie Vartan was already in the singer’s life. And if we know the smallest CV of love later, we know it will be a significant capital for the future. So, do you think he has two ways? Between these two blonde girls, it’s hard to make a final choice!

Catherine or Sylvie? Johnny Hallyday’s heart is changing!

In addition, the excitement of washing away the honor of his son David’s father, the singer who likes to compare love to a cigarette refutes the biographer’s argument. One sentence is enough to atomize it and pull the carpet from under the feet of the curious. “What this lord said was very false”. Knowing these two could have a crush, he found it normal. ” Crush“. The word very expensive in the vocabulary of haters was released by Sylvie Vartan. However, is it the most appropriate, especially when we are talking about friendship? Shrugging his shoulders, not knowing how to get it out, he declared that he “Nothing is impossible. They are beautiful and young”.

At the end of 2017, the French were shocked. Even though they knew he was sick, they didn’t think Johnny would retire three weeks before Christmas. Unable to attend the Church of the Madeleine, Catherine Deneuve tries to clumsily summarize their relationship. “I love him so much. A little more love for that thing. A real friendship”.

The three in the water?

What he didn’t know was that the singer’s final resting place would not be in France, but in Saint-Barth. It’s hard for someone struggling to recover from his stroke to go and collect himself in full discretion without the risk of falling for a paparazzi. That’s all it takes to add fuel to the fire! The controversy was reborn and with it his old bitterness. Called to the rescue, Jade’s private secretary and Joy’s adoptive father will add vital information to this file. Cupid better watch!

Taulier BFF throws a rock in the pond!

Sacha Rhoul believes he is Johnny Hallyday’s best master. And for good reason. Inside his memory book, he told us he was almost there “24 hours a day″ With the singer. The Objeko editorial team knew a lot of fans who would have liked to replace him. Being a little rat is enough to realize this horrible truth? “From 1966 to 1980, I never heard of a so -called love between the two ”.

To kick the touch, he grabbed the pole thrown by Gilles Lhote to atomize him with it. “Si JI never dropped it secretly at Deneuve’s. I remember that (laughs). There were other women, of course, but Catherine, no“. Yes, Johnny Hallyday loves to hang out with beautiful people and most of all loves to attract as many submissions as possible. The moment was well chosen to tell this little moment to come alive with this colorful duo. During a trip to the land at sunrise, the two companions celebrate something until the end of the night. Early in the morning “everyone went back to their room”. So they are not one night lovers, but lifelong friends… Go on!

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