The kiss, barometer of the couple’s relationship

The romantic kiss will serve above all to try and choose the right partner to keep it going.

What’s in the kiss? What is its purpose, its purpose? Many theories exist and, in general, one says that the “French kiss” plays an important role in relationships between individuals because it operates in three important areas: it opens the way. in sexual activity; he brings romance to it; it testifies to the closeness of people who embrace each other. In other words, it should help to find a partner, commit and keep it going. Researchers from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford tried to rank these three kissing functions in order of importance (work published in Archives of Sexual Behavior and Human Nature ).

There is clearly a physiological dimension to kissing. It usually causes the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine (linked to desire and pleasure) or serotonin (for mood) and activates at least fifteen muscles of the mouth and tongue as well as the three senses (taste, touch and smell). ). This undoubtedly contributed to his psychological dimension. Because the stakes are high. To better understand this, the researchers asked through a questionnaire 900 people aged 18 to 63, 55% of whom were in a long-term romantic relationship. These 308 men and 594 women answered questions like, “How important is it to kiss you in the early stages of a relationship?” or “How important is it to kiss you in a long -term relationship before, during, or after sex, or at any time?”

The information provided by the kiss

First result, women generally think kissing is more important than men. The researchers also took into account the fact that the people interviewed found themselves more attractive and had more or less partners. In the case of people, men or women, who think they are more attractive or attractive than others, and who have many partners in short -term encounters, the result is the same: kissing is more important to them than to others. .

The researchers explained the first result by the fact that women, who are destined to have children, are more assertive about their choice of partners and that kissing is a way of “better” choosing their partner. “This selection and the search process is very complicated,” said Professor Robin Dunbar, one of the study’s authors. It consists of a series of questioning moments where you say to yourself “do I need to deepen this relationship?” Initial attraction may include face, body, social considerations … So, this evaluation goes more and more into people’s intimacy, and this is where the information brought by the kiss comes in. “. A previous study suggested that 66% of women and 59% of men have already“ separated ”from their partner after a“ missed ”kiss.

Other results in the most recent study, kissing in short relationships is more important before a sexual relationship, a little less during and even less after or under any circumstances. In “lasting” relationships, kissing is as important before sex than in any non -sexual situation. Another fact of interest, women’s reaction to “French kissing” will depend on their menstrual cycle. They become more receptive at the beginning of a relationship when they are in the possible phase of pregnancy. “It would appear that kissing a possible romantic partner at this time can help the woman estimate the“ genetic ”quality of this potential partner”, the researchers concluded. And if women continue to kiss, it’s because it’s their way of testing the “state” of their relationship. The kiss, detector of possible “good” partners and barometer of the couple’s relationships? That’s all?


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