Season 2 of Love Life (OCS) is a gem of modern romantic comedy

Post by Alexis Lebrun Dec. 26, 2021

After a wonderful first season spent with Anna Kendrick, Sam Boyd’s series is in progress this year. By touching on today’s burning issues and questioning black identity, Love Life has become more than just a romantic comedy, and it’s one of the most end -of -the -year surprises. year 2021.

life after divorce

love-life As an anthology, this second season focuses on completely different characters. So leave the most classic character of Darby, a young woman who is obsessed with the search for a soul mate, beautifully composed by Anna Kendrick in the first ten episodes on love-life. However, we get to know the hero of this season 2 (Marcus) on the occasion of Darby and Magnus ’wedding. First surprise: Marcus is married, and has been, for many years, with a woman named Emily. But this union is seriously strained and doesn’t last long, because after a little flirtation with a woman he met at Darby’s wedding, Marcus is forced to accept a divorce request from Emily.

After marrying a young man, she is once again in the big dating market, and of course she is having a hard time adjusting to single life, because of all these years of living together. However, the narrative structure of love-life remains the same as the successor of season 1: each episode centers on a romantic encounter between Marcus and a different woman, all interspersed with more or less high ellipses. But while we knew from the start of the first season that Darby would find the right game in the final period, we never had the same certainty this season. And for good reason: even though it’s always more ridiculous, this second season of love-life apparently less bright than before, because of its origin.

Identity questions

Where is the first season of love-life can sometimes seem a bit too classic, this season 2 takes a welcome turn by featuring characters and scenarios we’re less used to seeing in romantic comedies. From the first episode, Marcus thinks about his identity as a black man, and the way he is viewed by those around him. His wife and an aspiring black author (Marcus is a publisher) compare him to Barack Obama, but what is seen as a compliment for the former is not a compliment for the latter.

Marcus’s complicated relationship with his parents is also interesting, as they never accepted his marriage with Emily, until he was given the feeling of rejection. As a result, Marcus no longer knows who he is or what he wants, which can only complicate his private life. Wider, this second season of love-life more than before in his writing, exploring as we rarely see and with great finesse what is black today in the United States. The theme of Black Lives Matter is treated with the same delicacy, and Covid’s successful integration into the plot should also be welcomed.

William Jackson Harper, the man for the job

If this season 2 is a success, it is also clear thanks to the charisma and careful charm of the lead actor, who is revealed here in a leading role after the long -delighted fans of The Good Place (Netflix) then starred in two great movies in 2019 (Midsummer and Dark Water), before showcasing one of the best ministries this year, The Underground Railroad. William Jackson Harper is not yet as famous as Anna Kendrick, but he deserves it. Like other cast members from the first season (Zoë Chao, Sasha Compère, Peter Vack…) the actress will also return to make some appearances this year.

But the newcomers, who are extremely African-American nowadays (very rarely to be underlined) have no envy of their predecessors. defectors from Saturday Night LivePunkie Johnson and Ego Nwodim are very good, as is Jessica Williams, formerly of Daily Show and successfully transferred to romantic comedy fiction The Amazing Jessica James (Netflix) in 2017, before moving on two years later by participating in Olivia Wilde’s acclaimed first production, Booksmart (Netflix). We also appreciated the casting presence of Maya Kazan (The Knick, Mosaic) and Leslie Bibb (who doesn’t need an introduction), not to mention the joy of finding Janet Hubert (Vivian Banks in The prince of Bel-Air) and listen to the incomparable voice of the great Keith David as narrator. In short, this is the second season of love-life makes us love life.

love-life seasons 1 and 2 of OCS, available on CANAL+.

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