PORTRAIT. Alexy Great, young self-taught musician, loves to

Based in Rennes, young Alexy Large has been composing and performing since the age of 14. Her songs breathe love and her listeners are thrilled with the millions of views on her Youtube channel. Despite a troubled childhood, a family breakdown, a serious illness, Alexy was constantly relapsing. His leitmotif: “Don’t give up on your dreams”.

“When you leave, tell me what I will do to make you love me one last time.

Yes, if you leave, I will be mad that you are not ….

If you leave, don’t look back

in my eyes you are the only one “

These words of love to Alexy Large, from the title “Si tu pars”, which he wrote, composed and performed. Its clip reached 7 million views on Youtube. A record for a young artist of 27 years. Most of his songs flirt with the million views on the video platform. His followers, Alexy no longer counts them. It has found its audience over the years. An audience that will grow with him, attracted to his style and his songs where love is in everyone. And his latest single “Dis-moi” is no exception to the rule: love the text and 250,000 views in two months.

Originally from France and Quebec, Alexy Large has traveled extensively. To follow his father, a career soldier, he spent his childhood in Senegal and then on Reunion Island. Finally, at the age of 14, he landed in Brittany with his mother and brother, near Rennes. This period also coincided with the breakup of the family. “I haven’t seen my father since. “ he confessed.

Alone in nature, in the midst of a teenage crisis, reuniting is not easy. At school, he stopped. A complicated time for him, especially with obesity, he doesn’t feel good about his body.

In front of his keyboard and his computer, he composes and sings. Her overflowing feelings of love exploded in her voice. It was the song and music that helped him rebuild himself. And now, her hometown is Brittany. “It takes me a while to get used to it, but for anything in the world I’m leaving Brittany” as he.

Alexy finally has the conviction that music is his future. Supported by his mother and brother, he gained confidence.

“I respect women above all else. I saw my mother cry so hard all my childhood. Din anger and sometimes in hatred, there is still love “ he confessed.

“During adolescence, thereDrawn by women who don’t like me, it makes me sad, and so… very inspired ” . The messages he conveyed were addressed to this young man for whom everything will be built and for whom, without love, it is impossible to project oneself.

From his life spent in Africa and Reunion, he retained the inspiration of Latin sound for piano, guitar and rhythm for the Afro touch. There is his style of music. His words are touching. His voice makes others.

He composes, works from his studio, rarely goes out, and stays permanently connected. Social networks quickly became his standard. He posted his songs, his videos. As inspired, he was able to bring his audience together.

But Alexy has come a long way. A few months later, he developed a thrombosis. A disease that results from obstruction of vessels. The treatment lasts for three months…. “I’m about to die “ he explained. But force of nature, he came out more enthusiastic than ever. “Never give up your dreams, the harder the fight, the better the victory“is the message it conveys.

It would be economical for him to meet Keen’v. Together, it’s a story to share. Sharing emotions, like the song “Cri de distress” that Alexy composed and they co -wrote. With this symbolic title, they emphasize “The attention that many young people seek and sometimes claim in pain, … crying for help and … for love “.

Alexy will be in the composition of the Keen’v album to be released soon. It’s a duo with form and “which is reasonable, because their sensitivity drives them”.

In May, they will leave together for a trip across the Atlantic to the California coast: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas. “vse may have the opportunity to create a new clip “, He suggested.

Alexy also recently signed a contract with Warner Music. “A great comfort, an undeniable saving of time ”.

Alexy is about to release an album onthe Caribbean zouk sound intendedof lovers and injured friends “ and that “bring a message of hope”.

In June, it was the inauguration of his studios, newly built and installed in Melesse near Rennes. A music studio, live stream recording and marketing offices.

Meanwhile, because he also loves Spain, he left to rest, breathe and be inspired in Madrid and Seville.

Love always …

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