on the night of “love” at the Rodin museum, we didn’t stay untouched

DIDTO KAMI – For five years, the institution has opened its doors to lovers for a special night on February 14. Around the famous kiss of the sculptor, champagne and music make hearts beat faster.

Lips looking at each other, one suddenly carved in pure marble and suspended for eternity. The kiss, a masterpiece by Auguste Rodin, caught all eyes this Monday night. For the occasion, its base is covered with rose petals. The Rodin Museum presents its “Love” night, where Valentine’s Day and culture come together to become one.

The couple, a hundred, without their children, walked into the exhibit from 6 p.m., taking advantage of the reserved slots to admire the works in complete privacy. The program? “Concerts in the many rooms of the museum, a reading of love letters between Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin or even a champagne bar. Even if the audience is looking for culture or love, I hope that they will find it., listed the communication manager at the Rodin museum, who was in charge of the event, orange hat and fuchsia scarf around his neck. Animations designed to appeal to the majority of the public.

In the hallways, suits and pumps meet sneaker jeans. Round musical notes such as beautiful sculptures by Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin mix accents of all nationalities. In the main staircase, two actors face each other, the style of Romeo and Juliet: they express the letters sent by the two actors, known for the intensity of their artistic and romantic lives, to each other. A game that attracted Olivia, who is from England. “I can’t understand everything that’s being said, but there’s a lot of praise in their voices, it’s beautiful”he breathed.

Not far from there, a small crowd formed. Among the couples present were Julie and Antoine, in their twenties. They express their love on a small piece of paper before hanging it on the tree of desire, one of the star events of the night. “I admit that’s what intrigued me about the program. I’m a romantic “, smiled Julie, wrapped in a large red coat and sequined tights. For the couple, going to the museum was the most important thing “the opportunity to do something different for Valentine’s Day. It’s a change from the restaurant, it’s more original,” Advance Anthony. Another great asset tonight for young people: the price. “When I saw that it was 12 euros for those under 26 instead of 27, I did not hesitate to book”recounts Elias, whose tattoo of the spider’s house adorns his neck.

“The four sessions we have scheduled are complete,” welcome to the museum. A success similar to previous years since tonight, the construction “Playing sold for five years”.

A sensory and musical journey

In room 15, on the first floor, applause resounded. The concert, given by Juliette Renard on flute and Antoine Fougeray on guitar, recently ended. Véronique, a small backpack decorated with a baby fawn is defeated. “There’s not this strict atmosphere that we sometimes see in some cultural places. People walking around, chatting… And the music almost makes you want to dance with your partner ”he said happily.

An atmosphere welcomed by a captive Paris couple The waltz by Camille Claudel, two bronze bodies intertwine, between desire and love, in a bed of purple petals rearranged for the occasion. “Look at the characters, they look like they’re alive!”, raves Henri, 75, whose hazel eyes betray a sly smile under his mask. Leaning on his wooden cane, he was accompanied by “Her beauty”, Louise, his wife of 50 years. For these two admirers of Rodin, the evening was above all an opportunity to discover part of his work in a different atmosphere. “There’s a festive, sensory side. It honors his work.”, they commented. “And most of all, it takes us back to when we were young.added Louise, pointing to the sculpture with a nod, before looking at her husband softly.

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