H2O RADIO – LATHUILE | Rocco, shot dead in the middle of the forest


LATHUIL | Rocco, shot dead in the middle of the forest

PUBLISHED ON 16/12/2021 by Mathieu Hutin | Chief Editor – 15193 views

  • LATHUIL |  Rocco, shot dead in the middle of the forest


This Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the dead body of a Swiss Shepherd dog that went missing 2 days ago was found by a walker. The animal was shot and lost its GPS collar.

What happened last Sunday, December 12, 2021 in the small village of Lathuile? The question arose after the horrific discovery and the circumstances that followed.

It all started around 10 a.m. this Sunday when Rocco was taking a walk on Taillefer mountain: “I have been living in the town for 4 months and my pet is walking alone in the Pontgibeau gite area, on the mine road and on drinking water. It is true that stray dogs are not allowed but he goes alone to the forest. He’s a tracker, and he always comes home. “ testified Laurence C., Rocco’s mistress.

“Rocco, my beautiful dog full of life and energy, was intentionally killed by a hunter on Sunday.»

“From my house, I heard a group of dogs and gunshots in the morning. I don’t feel good about Rocco. I put a GPS tracker around my dog’s collar, I could see on my phone that he was on top of the Pontgibeau farm and was working his track. Around 5 pm, I started to worry more seriously, I saw that he was no longer moving and the night had already begun. I tried to look for him and call him but the snow and the night didn’t jud allow me to look for him and long. »

Thanks to a call launched on social networks, it was Fabrice Gouverd, a resident of the town, who went in search of the missing animal, assisted by his dog. When we contacted, the man told us about the horrific discovery last Tuesday: “I went up the long voltage line. The sector is very unique. My dog ​​smelled the blood and found Rocco’s body. The animal was lying in a bush, at the top of a blood trail about ten meters away. It is possible that he was dragged there to hide his body especially after noticing that there was a bullet hole in the side of the chest that was immediately visible, I dismissed his body and the other side of the body. the gunshot that would surely kill Rocco. The bell on his collar was next to his body, but his collar and the GPS sensor were not there. It could have been taken by someone. And because of its white hair and bells, this dog is infallible game. » For man, deliberate action is beyond doubt.

“You shoot your dog!” »

Laurence C., overwhelmed with emotion after the loss of his pet, quickly recognized that his dog didn’t have to roam alone: “I was warned! I was told: hunters were quick to make fun of them, dogs alone in the woods. Here, they shoot the dogs for interfering with the hunt. You shoot your dog! » Rocco’s teacher stopped filing a complaint, still having to commit a 200 euros certificate from the veterinarian to file him. And the gendarmes will be pessimistic about the possible success of the investigation.

Hervé Bourne, mayor of Lathuile did not intend to stop there.

We contacted the village councilor: “I’m not aware of this new case. It’s shocking. I condemn this act and I won’t stop there. There was a case last year where a dog was injured in the leg in a hunting accident. I beg you. Michel Durier, President of the ACCA in Lathuile (letter to the editor of the hunting association) to allow the hunter to the origin of the accident.He was a visitor and he was forbidden to hunt in the town.In Rocco’s case, I would go to the ACCA to find out what happened. »

“No hunting work there on Sunday! »

We contacted, Michel Durier, President of ACCA in Lathuile formally: “There is no hunting work this Sunday in this sector. There are four men looking, but in the Chaparon area and in the quarry. There is no one from the association in this sector or in any case I do not know of this, I am not behind every hunter.Know that in our hunting ground, we found the remains of one killed by a dog.No wolf, not lynx, not dog, already established.If. the mayor and others do their job, we have very few stray dogs.But in the end, I did not see any of my hunters in Lathuile intentionally shooting a dog.The hunters have dogs. »

A point of view shared by the hunters who contacted us during the completion of our investigation. The hunters united in condemning the work: “Which should not be equated with hunting or hunters. It was a settlement of accounts and not a hunting accident. Hunters have dogs, they don’t do such a thing. »

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