dogs with a talent for finding victims of wrecks

Train your dog to look for victims of wrecks. This is a real sporting event that is the subject of a competition. They are 14 competitors who will start the adventure this Sunday, April 17, 2022 in Yssingeaux in Haute-Loire. They were called Hayka, Plume, or even Nins and were accompanied by their master. Competence, confidence, strength and courage were the qualities observed in this test.

Christine Frugié walked towards the judge with Hayka by her side. Hayka is unique in this scene of big dogs. He was a little Jack Russell almost 10 years old who was not afraid to jump over the many ruins in front of him. Someone was hiding there in a pipe. A school principal, according to the fictional scenario held by the Yssingeaux -based canine club juices. “It was a school that exploded one night. The director had an extra bed, it is believed he slept in the office.» Danielle Richard, the competition judge, set the scene. Hayka can start now. With ease. With insurance. With confidence. “He Is Strong”, said Danielle Richard who did not take her eyes off the dog. Hayka started to moan. It only took him a few minutes to figure out the unfortunate man, imprisoned in his tube. “You can remember your dog!” », launched the judge to the owner of Hayka.

“He’s a very small dog and I know he has a definite ease of breaks and I’m thankful to have seen his progress”details of Danielle Richard in her report. “He doesn’t stop, he’s strong and he doesn’t respond with a lack of intelligence.» Little Jack Russel knows how to do his quest with care, he gets 90 out of 100 on this test.

A pride and a reward for him and his mistress after years of training. “As a rule, he’s a little dog that never disappoints me, he’s always true to himself”testified Christine Frugié, the owner of Hayka. “He knew his mistress, he knew I had physical difficulties, he paid for my difficulties. Because of its size and movement on the ground, the judge was proud but I was too!»

A training that started at a very young age. A victim is first seen, then taken away. Finally, the dog should get used to looking for someone who hasn’t seen them. The hardest part is teaching the dog to stay close to the victim and chase a beetle until the master arrives.

14 dog-handler couples participated in this competition in Yssingeaux. Others do not have the same convenience as Hayka: “The plume is more of a hunting dog. Here he found the victim but he was disturbed when the victim was buried.» Danielle Richard remains inspiring with Plume’s mistress. “But it’s normal to have difficulties because you start with discipline. Your dog has a nose to be a good rubble dog. » Final score: 72 out of 100.

A competition sport whose main purpose for owners but also for dogs is to have fun. “We enjoy working with our dogs, we enjoy teaching dogs and facing a jury that will tell us whether we did well or not.» Philippe Long from Perpignan with Nins. It was their first search for ruins after forest training. “We still had work to do but the dog showed he wanted to do it. Let’s take care of his teaching. »

Dogs that are not designated to be rescue dogs, but can still be found: “These trainings are above all to push the dog’s abilities, or even to develop and select dogs to have more efficient dogs so that gendarmes, police or firefighters can use breeding for individuals. ., explained Frédéric Boutin, head of the rescue work at the canine club at Les Sucs d’Yssingeaux.

Hayka, future police dog? despite his performance, it was impossible. The little dog is about to retire. But he proved that Jack Russels can be just as effective as a Malinois or a German Shepherd. And that they are not as bad -tempered as we like to say.

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