Christmas on all floors of TF1: what is the value of this French Love Actually with Max Boublil and Caroline Anglade? – Movie news

TF1 aired the TV movie “Christmas on all floors” tonight, with Caroline Anglade, Max Boublil, Lannick Gautry, Marie-Anne Chazel, and even Jarry. A romantic comedy rooted in “Love Actually” that sounds nice but lacks originality.

What is it about?

On Christmas Eve, we want everything to be perfect and usually everyone can get rid of us … This is the time when everything is brought back to their reality, whether beautiful or complicated. In this building on a Paris street, Christmas will be a little special this year … Here, people who barely know each other live with each other, who whisper a little “hello” to each other while taking in their trash cans or go to work. If the destinations of these neighbors, excited, sad or amazed by the magic of Christmas, intersect and create alligators …

Monday December 13 at 9:05 pm on TF1, and already in Salto

Who is with this?

Speaking of the daily lives of the residents of a building on December 24, Christmas on every floor brings together many stories, all brought to life by faces familiar to the audience.

Caroline Anglade (Sauver Lisa) and Max Boublil, first of all, describe a couple whose mixed family has remained vulnerable in the past tragedy. Marie-Anne Chazel will take Nicoletta, a nurse who will spend her last days in the hospital before she retires, while Tchéky Karyo will take her husband, Georges, who will discover the Christmas spirit and avoid her rude part of contact with young Samia (Souad Arsane).

At the same time, we also follow up on a love story between Violette (Leslie Medina) and Thomas (Lannick Gautry), a lone actress and an astronaut on a full space mission. The complicated relationship between Lucas (Jarry), a politician who can’t get out, and Saïd (Aïssam Medhem, alias Akim in Un Si Grand Soleil). And the attempt of Ouarda (Fatima Adoum), the mother of Samia and Saïd, to make a small bond in this building by organizing a Christmas aperitif in the courtyard. But will he get there?

Julien Cauvin/Beaubourg Stories/TF1

Good looking?

Over the past few years, TF1 has embraced the tradition of Christmas television movies, which are very popular in the United States, by offering prime-time romantic comedies infused with magic at year-end celebrations, such as Coup de thunder at Christmas, with Julie de Bona and Tomer Sisley, A Baby for Christmas, or Love at first sight in a Christmas tune.

And while the collection “Coups de lumière …” seems to have been put on hold due to disappointing audiences, TF1 isn’t abandoning romantic Christmas comedies as it offers the new fiction choral Noël à tous today night. the floors, which follow. the fates of some Christmas Eve characters, in the manner of Love Actually, which served as a reference to screenwriters Benjamin Dumont, Benjamin Euvrard, Ingrid Morley Pegge, Gilles Paquet-Brenner, and Léa Coquin.

With no obvious approach to the British film starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, and Keira Knightley, Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s TV film (Les Pretty things, By your side) can be viewed without anger and usually combine everything we expect from that plot, which is a big dipper in romance and some pitfalls (at Christmas) to make us believe, for a short time, that, perhaps , all of which does not end well for the occupants of this Parisian building.

Julien Cauvin/Beaubourg Stories/TF1

Despite a huge lack of originality, Christmas on all floors should satisfy lovers of romantic comedy. And the TV movie owes a lot to its cast, which gives us a good time. We noticed in particular the performances of Caroline Anglade and Max Boublil, perfect as a couple about to break up, but also by Leslie Medina (Balthazar), Tchéky Karyo, Aïssam Medhem, Fatima Adoum, and Niseema, all very touching to their respective- individual papers ..

And while of course all the intrigues aren’t the same – some are hard to bring to us – we allow ourselves to be equally enticed by some failed love stories. Like the meeting of Violette and Thomas, who fall in love with a dating application, but quickly realize that the sky is separating them … love the stars.

For realism, we’ll go back, but that’s not really what we ask for in a romantic Christmas comedy.

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