Can your child enter the “metaverse”?

Witched on screen, a young Spaniard was witchcrafted to the point of being hospitalized in September. Addicted to immersive play Fortnite, causing a feeling among teenagers, the 15-year-old young man had to go through a “detoxification” because of his addiction to the virtual world to which he took refuge every day for hours. This news, which comes as a surprise to many, is not without the sound of recent Chinese government bans that impose a young population on a limit of 3 hours of play per week … except.

One foot on the screen

Remember, a few years ago, the planet at the beginning of the Internet, discovered the game Second life. And we were thousands in 2003 to replicate ourselves every day in the skin of an avatar to live an exciting second life based on inappropriate encounters and 2.0 outings. And then there’s the saga of Sims, of course, model real life to perfection. Finally, now, we have our children navigating the metaverse that is Roblox or fortnite.

But contrary to appearances, the term “metaverse” is not right for the younger generation. This highly futuristic-sounding word dates back to the beginning of science fiction in the 1980s and points to a digital world that includes all codes of reality. Not surprisingly, the metaverse has re-emerged at a time when incarceration, especially in Gen Z, has the opportunity to meet without leaving home. Simply put, if your teen is playing as immersive Fortnite, he had no impression of looking at the screen, but was on the screen. Yes, yes, you heard right!

Metaverse: To Infinity and Beyond

The metaverse is stronger than that TikTok hope instagram ? It’s possible, mind you. Because it’s more than just a simple social network, it’s a world of sharing without limits. So, your teenager may have already participated in a virtual concert at Fortnite. In September, Aya Nakamura became the first French star to appear in the metaverse, thus replacing Ariana Grande or even Travis Scott. Don’t be surprised if this year your child won’t ring the neighbor’s doorbell to collect sweets, because Halloween will be celebrated in pixels.

If we want to break through, now we have to enter the screen”, Suggested Alexandre Bouchet, director of a technological resource center specializing in virtual reality in French culture. To move into second gear in the metaverse side, the digital world has already thought of tools that seem straight from Fifth Element by Luc Besson: virtual reality helmets and other glasses to see life on any screen. Even more powerful, in a short time, you can observe your blond head exploring your sin in a world created from all sides thanks to augmented reality. The latter will make a fictional universe visible around him seem almost felt. It promises!

Help your child get off the ground

The metaverse, a topic that attracts questions or even concerns for some parents. In fact, it’s hard not to be afraid of the disruptive effect of some games that will plunge your child almost into another dimension. So, here are some tips to keep him from moving all day to the virtual part:

  • Find common ground. Which parent hasn’t torn their hair when they sit down to eat and hear their teen say, “ But mom, I’m sad»? But there is no point in going into confrontation to emphasize tensions. Instead, opt for dialogue and ask him when he’s most likely to be in the middle of prison, because at that point he can’t stop his game. Agree on schedules where he doesn’t commit to a tournament or a super secret mission to share family time, do his homework, sports or just disconnect. A promise of trust that he will appreciate.
  • Help him to live a full life. The metaverse uses a lot of code from real life, so why not play that ground? For example: your little Lucie loves to make clothes Roblox so why not enroll her in a sewing class for kids. She, Timothée, her thing is to make virtual sets, so here are the lessons on modeling! In short, help him translate his virtual passions into real life.
  • Offer him a digital detox with his virtual friends. Dropping his cell phone for a few hours to turn green, your child will say no thanks. Don’t stop and offer instead to invite his players to enjoy real life in the amusement park and ice cream tasting mode. A great way to concrete these sometimes intense digital encounters and create strong friendships for life.

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