Alex Cormont, love coach: “I’m writing a book for the general public that allows you to take your life in hand”

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Alex Cormont, who presents himself as the number 1 love coach in France, was recently released Write your caption!, a book on personal development. He is at a signing session on Thursday April 7 at 5:30 pm at Fnac in Toulouse. Maintenance.

What is your background?

I was set to become a professional basketball player. However, I was hurt. Then I went to university, where I got a master’s degree in human sciences. I immediately trained as a coach. At the same time, I created a blog where I shared articles about self -confidence, charisma, seduction in a very broad sense. Then people approached me for advice. That’s what made me work.

Concretely, what does a love coach mean?

The idea of ​​teaching love is to be with people who are single, and want to have the confidence to meet someone. There is also everything related to couple therapy, for those in difficulty. And I also work in the field of rebuilding, that is to say post-breakup, post-emotional dependence, post-toxic relationships. I support many women who want to regain self -confidence, to overcome a difficult and painful relationship.

You are very much on social networks. Do you also do private tutoring?

I distribute a lot of content, either in video or in articles, on social networks. The blog has 20 million visitors per year, YouTube ten million views, and my Facebook page is followed by 868,000 fans.

For people who want to go further, I also do private tutoring. Generally, this happens in 3 to 4 sessions. The idea is to set a goal and create a plan of action together, called a ladder and that allows the person to find themselves. This plan of action will be tailored to his personality, his past, his past, his desires. We can make all the videos in the world, when we have a face-to-face person, it’s different.

Why would you want to release a book today?

In my life, in my journey of personal development, there have been many changes made “justifiably” in a book. And I said to myself that today, I want to write about my journey, about my experiences. The idea is to create a book for the general public, and that allows everyone to take their life in hand, to become an actor or actress in their daily lives. I want to make something last. Videos are very important and interesting to me, but with a book, we’ll go into more. We have a methodology so we are also allowed to work.

In this book, you talk about the 3 column method. Can you explain it to us?

I want to re-transmit the approach I went through and where I went through all my teaching. To show that everyone can fit it into their own personality and their own situation, whether in the field of love, personal development or professional development.

The first pillar is self -discovery, the “who am I?” In other words, rediscovering one’s qualities and values, which are important for oneself. The second column is “where am I going?” That is, visualize yourself, define your future, what is important to you, what you want to accomplish in life. And, third column, the one that is most complicated for readers, is “why?” It allows you to stay connected to your heart, to your life mission, and to give meaning to your daily life.

What love advice can you give our readers?

I will use these three pillars of love. The first step is to identify your qualities to avoid emotional dependence, which is the number one cause of divorce and separation. The second step, “where am I going”, is what I want to do relationship. The third step, the famous “why”, is how I maintain my partner, how I work to maintain this love every day.

Alexandre Cormont, Write your caption!Editions Leduc, 224 pages, 17 €

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