Which of these 4 couple profiles did you create?

There are many types of couples as individuals form them. But experts recognize 4 couple categories. And the type of your relationship will predict the duration of the relationship. In any case, it was concluded by a group of researchers who looked at the characteristics of relationships by studying 376 couples over a 9-month period.

The study, published in Journal of Marriage and Familyin fact, it shows that most couples fit into 4 different models: dramatic, confrontational, extrovert and partner-oriented, and that according to these models, the relationship is more likely to last.

Dramatic couples

Dramatic couples double LIKELY blind than in other types of couples and their level of commitment varies greatly depending on their arguments. “These couples have a lot of ups and downs, and their commitment is changing,” said Brian G. Ogolsky, the study’s lead author. “They tend to make decisions based on negative events that happen in the relationship or discouraging things they think about the relationship, and those things are likely to reduce their commitment,” he continues. Therefore, their level of commitment and projection vary greatly.

conflicting couple

Likewise, thecommitment to the couple the conflict is also very different. However, Brian G. Ogolsky says that doesn’t mean they’re heading for a separation. “These couples operate on a tension between the conflict that keeps them away and the passionate attraction that brings them together”, the researcher observes. If this category of couples did not show more separations than the rest of the 9 -month study, “this kind of love may not last in the long term”, Brian G. Ogolsky added.

Couples are centered on their pair

It’s a relationship where partners love to be together, and always have the same hobbies. Lovers are observant, attentive, and very thoughtful about how they make choices about their relationship. “These partners were very connected to each other, relied on each other (without falling into emotional trust) and used what was happening in their relationship to develop their commitment to a deeper level”, the author said. They are the ones who have the best chance stay with and be happyaccording to the study.

Sociable couples

These are couples who are surrounded by many friends. However, couples who get along often need their environment to make decisions, which weakens communication between partners. “Ideally, long -term relationships should be based on love based on friendship, and having a friendship will make the couple feel closer and more dedicated,” the expert concludes.

Apparently, this classification is not final because it is based on observations of a 9 -month maximum. It seems important that we remember that every couple is different. The purpose of this study, according to Brian G. Ogolsky, was to help couples identify from the outset the points that would develop to guarantee a steady relationship.

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