Wave of love for Sean Couturier (photos)

HOCKEY. Sean Couturier is the definition of the perfect man. The former glory of the Voltigeurs was celebrated in his adopted city on Friday night at the Marcel-Dionne Center.

In a ceremony that was thoughtful and touching, like human, the organization took the number 7 from someone who lived in Drummondville. When announcer Guy Lahaie pronounced his name because he was the only one who knew how to do it, then his banner went up to the ceiling of the arena on rue Cockburn, fans filling the stands sent a huge wave of love to the Philadelphia Flyers forward .

Sean Couturier was heavily applauded by Voltigeurs fans. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

“I’m so glad to see you again tonight! It reminds me of many fond memories, said the hero of the night, taking care to thank the supporters, his former teammates, the members of the organization, his pension family and his loved ones. You impressed me so much that I decided to stay here. Now I am a lifelong Volti. I am so proud to be one of you! ”

A landmark championship

Arriving at the arena earlier in the day, Sean Couturier flashed back to his memories when he saw a photo of the President’s Cup champion edition adorning a wall near the locker room. Landing in Drummondville at age 15, the talented youngster participated in the only coverage in Voltigeurs history in his rookie season.

“I’m lucky to be part of a winning team at this stage of my career. I’ve learned a lot from my first year. You can play for a long time without winning a championship. Me, I’m lucky to be. “I won when I got here. I’m part of the winning culture. I just feel lucky to have been part of this organization,” said Sean Couturier, who said he was nervous, excited and acted at the same time in a meeting. with the media a few hours before the duel between the Voltigeurs and Phoenix.in Sherbrooke.

“From day one, I felt like I was part of the family, moving on to the second overall draft selection of the QMJHL in 2008. Everyone in the organization was welcome. At the training camp, the coaches and veterans were welcome me with open arms and great respect.

Sean Couturier spoke to the crowd. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

Under Sean Couturier, the Voltigeurs had three consecutive seasons of at least 45 wins. At the time, it was the first in the history of QMJHL. For the 29-year-old athlete, however, there is no recollection of the moment he lifted the famous President’s Cup on May 12, 2009. “The atmosphere of match number 7 was amazing! The arena is full. Very noisy! To date, I have never experienced such a situation again, even on a professional level. It was great, ”said Couturier, who saw many teammates travel to attend this special evening.

QMJHL scoring champion at age 17, Sean Couturier said he is proud that no player has achieved success since the 2009-2010 season. “That year, Chris DiDomenico came back at the age of 20. It helped me a lot. I have always been very surrounded by Voltigeurs. I’ve played very good players, some of which have reached out to professionals, ”said one whose season ended due to back surgery.

Having found love in Drummondville, Sean Couturier imitated some former Voltigeurs by settling in the region. In 2020, his wife Laurence Dionne and he gave birth to Ella. “Drummondville is my home. Here I met my wife. This is where our little girl will grow up. Currently, we live part-time, but when I retire, it will be full-time. I find myself here until the end of my days. The world of Drummondville treated me very well during my junior years. I feel like I’m part of the population. “

Sean Couturier and his daughter Ella, who was born in Drummondville. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

Winning the Michael-Bossy trophy (best professional hope) in 2010-2011, Sean Couturier took advantage of the platform offered to him to offer his family sympathies to the legendary hockey player who died earlier.

Sean Couturier in

Mario Duhamel : “Under Mario, I learned to be an impact player. He let me play in all situations, whether defensive or offensive, to protect the lead or to get a goal late in the game. Mario helped me develop to my full potential.

Ondrej Palat : “Ondrej has incredible talent, but most of all, he is hardworking. In his first season, he saw what had to be done in North America. He worked hard and eventually became dominant. He has become one of my favorite companions. We scored big goals.

Gabriel Dumont “It’s the heart and soul of the Voltigeurs. He has talent, but what I remember is his work ethic, which can’t be. He scored 50 goals in 19, but that’s usually how he got there special.You can learn a lot by associating with men of this caliber.

Marc-Olivier Vachon “He is a great leader. He was my captain for three years. He made everyone comfortable on the team. He largely made it easier for me to adjust to the junior level. He is a special person. It’s no coincidence that he was the only captain in Voltigeurs history to win the cup.

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