Veyond Metaverse and Mitacs Sign Research Collaboration Agreement

VM signed the research agreement with Mitacs

Veyond Metaverse and Mitacs Sign Research Collaboration Agreement to Advance AI-Based Communication Platform and Cutting-Edge Haptic Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., USA, April 4, 2022 / Metaverse recently signed a research collaboration agreement with Mitacs outlining their collaboration to improve medical haptics research , using AI on the Metaverse training platform and the fully immersive AI-driven communication platform.

Mitacs is a national research organization that partners with Canadian academia, private industry and government to provide research and training programs in the areas of industrial and social innovation. Mitacs develops the next generation of innovators with critical science and business expertise through unique research and training programs. Mitacs empowers research and creative development by connecting the private sector with leading post-secondary institutions to address organizational challenges-in Canada and abroad. For 20 years, Mitacs has funded cutting-edge research, created employment opportunities for graduate students, and helped companies achieve their goals, achieving results that has strengthened the Canadian economy and its impact.

Mitacs ’end-to-end capability in the cutting-edge research environment that strengthens the innovation value chain aims to support companies through scientific and technological advances. Industry collaboration through public-private partnerships is key to achieving technological advances and scaling partners.

“This three-year collaboration between Veyond Metaverse and Mitacs was initially aimed at developing high-fidelity medical haptic technology. This high-fidelity haptic technology will be integrated into advanced training platforms and AI-driven communication systems .This platform is essential for accelerating the development of the Metaverse application across various verticals, ”said Adam Choe and Dr. Joon Chung, co-founders of Veyond Metaverse.

About the Veyond Metaverse

Veyond Metaverse offers disruptive new XR technology for medical education, surgery planning, training, auxiliary surgeries, medications, oncology treatment and diagnostics. Its proprietary communication platform enables worldwide interaction and non-stop collaboration, creating a more accessible and user-friendly ecosystem by taking advantage of the latest communication technology capabilities. We seek to improve medical education and surgical training, save patient lives by improving surgery and diagnosis, and expand global access through a proprietary cloud platform. Veyond Metaverse is based in Silicon Valley, California. Please visit

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