The canine center in Corsica, the center of the importance of hunting dogs

In Corsica, the canine center manages various associations and takes care of the organization of work and model competitions for different breeds.

For more than twenty years, the canine center in Corsica ORGANIZES labor competition model for hunting dogs on Corsica and on the road. “We manage the various associations on the island and we take care of the organization of the competitions, point Patricia Malandria volunteer at the plant. We have about 500 dogs for each competition, with people from Corsica and the continent, sometimes also from abroad. »

However, if 500 canids are as large, it is not enough to open all the international competitions: “The national federation has given us permission for national competitions, but not for international because we don’t have enough competitors. It’s a shame because if we open, you can meet new people. One year we have it. Russians who came, combining business with pleasure, taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some holidays, “ added the volunteer.

Among the competitions organized were field trials, which involved sending the dog into the game, but not killed later. So the beast is judged by his ability to find, stop and follow his master. As with all training, this type of exercise is conditioning, and the hunter continues to shoot without aiming at the bird, just to test the dog’s reaction.

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Four days of the annual competition in September

This is the highlight of Canine Central in Corsica, a four-day competition between Niolu and Letia-Sagone: “Two days took place in Niolu, with field trials. We had several categories, one for young people, one called an open trial, and another for dogs accustomed to the competition. The animals are of course not evaluated in the same way depending on the category. The other two days are spent in Sagone, all points are accepted, continental and British, with no same method of hunting. » Each breed has its own instinct and technique, enough to find what each hunter deserves.

The cursinu to conquer the Continent

Competitions that would not take place without the sponsors: “The federation helps us with partridges for events, and we have partners who spend with us, many hotels and restaurants working during the event.”

But the goal of these competitions, like any animal competition, is to improve and enhance breeding. And, in the category of hunting dogs, pedigree and quality are paid for. Sometimes very expensive. “For a 10 week old puppy, you have to count between 750 and 2,500 € depending on the pedigree. But for trained dogs, aged between 12 and 18 months, whose performance we are sure , it can go up to 10,000 €.

Each dog has a rating, and that of the parents increases, giving value to a litter. But if you buy a puppy, you don’t know if he is gifted, unlike a trained dog. »

Another purpose of these competitions is to promote a breeding or a breed, which benefits the endemic hunting dog, the cursinu. This versatile dog has really managed to lure the other side of the Mediterranean, and, by contrast, there is already more cani nustrale breeding on the Continent than on the island: “He is a dog that is highly valued for his versatility, he is a good hunter like a shepherd or shepherd dog.»

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These competitions have enabled the island breed to be exported, but also local breeders more and more, while producing quality animals. If the saying goes that a good hunter should know how to hunt without his dog, it can also be seen that the said hunter does not like to hunt without the joy shared by his most loyal companion.

State forest licenses

The territorial management of the National Forestry Office has announced that, according to the services of the Collectivity of Corsica, the acquisition of a hunting license is again required to apply the practice of hunting in the forest territory. , properties of the Community of Corsica.

This provision is intended to formalize the owner’s consent, in accordance with articles R.428-1 and L.422-1 of the Environmental Code. Licenses are issued by agents of the National Office of the Forests, direction of the territory of Corsica, manager of the forest territory. The price of the hunting license is set at 20 €. Any payment will be made only by check payable to the “Trésor public”.

Ten years of safety upgrade

At the initiative of the National Federation, decided to create a refresher course at the national level for all those with hunting permits. The FNC’s safety efforts are felt to have a 71% reduction in fatal accidents in 20 years in France, the aim being to progress in this direction.

The FNC therefore wants to include in the law the obligation made by all hunters, every 10 years, to undergo ten years of safety training. Thus, each Fed has to organize several times a year courses in the form of theoretical contributions but also scenarios through videos.

It is important to clarify that this is not an examination; however, by 2030, all hunters who want to validate their hunting license must follow this training.*


Dates of events for points:

November 14: the selection of the department at the Saint Hubert de Haute-Corse meetings will take place in Oletta.

November 27: the regional final will take place in Aude.

December 10: the national final will take place in Aveyron.

The day dedicated to the Brittany Spaniel (TAN, confirmation, ground report, deep water report and starting field) will take place in April 2022 in Haute-Corse.

*Maps are available: On the site of the head office of the territorial administration of Ajaccio as well as in the areas of Corte and Bastia from: – ONF BASTIA (chemin de Forcone -jardins de Toga –
– ONF CORTE (Pont de l’Orta – – ONF AJACCIO (Avenue de la Grande Armee – Pietrina residence –

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