Slipstream test. A pure arcade racing game made with love

The testing of the Slipstream game, published by BlitWorks and developed by ansdor, was done by Switch.

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Slipstream test.  A pure arcade racing game made with love

Cyclists and car races know this very well, to gain speed without much effort, it is better to run behind your opponent, than next to him. There is an event in favor of one that is behind the other and is called aspiration. This is directly related to fluid dynamics. In English, it’s called Slipstream. Starting with this principle, Sandro Luiz de Paula, made this his credo by bringing his game titled Slipstream to the Nintendo Switch. Forget the 1995 version of Capcom, the two games are names and completely different. The title has already been released in 2018 on Steam and it recently landed in the Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation online stores for under € 9. Fasten your belt, prepare your best valves and discover the Nintendo Switch slipstream reviewa game made by Ansdor and published by BlitWorks.

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  • Slipstream


  • Slipstream


The Slipstream Story

Going on an excursion through many beautiful sights, you will be challenged, at the wheel of one of your five cars, all the cars that will dare to overtake you.

No, I’m actually joking, there’s no story in Slipstream, we’re in an arcade game where getting there is the same purpose.


Game System

Slipstream an arcade game and you control the car almost naturally. The A button accelerates, the B button brakes and the left stick guides the car. Turns can be controlled by skidding. To do this, you need to brake briefly and speed up the turn. If there is a wrong course, it is possible to rewind the last 5 seconds of Y, which has a very nice VHS style, making the game much more accessible. An important option for this type of game, because the slightest deviation from the track or collision is allowed very much. Finally, while straights naturally provide speed, the best way to ramp is to use the slipstream which reduces wind resistance and gives you a speed bonus.


Your garage consists of 5 cars which must be selected before each race. They are all just fiction, however we know the sporty look of cars from the 80s. There is Type23 perfect balance of top speed, acceleration and handling. L ‘Epsilon has a very good maneuverability, good speed, but the maximum speed is slightly lower than the Type23. the Arashi benefits from very good speed and good handling, but the highest speed is its weak point. the Lynx is the fastest car, but the acceleration is not good and the handling is not good. Finally, theaurora has a good top speed, but less speed and handling than the Type 23.


In addition to the five cars on offer, there are three types of vehicles that correspond to the level of difficulty. on heavy, all cars increased at maximum speed, but decreased acceleration. This class is reserved for driving pros and therefore has a high level of challenge. on average, all cars have maximum speed and average acceleration. This is the default class. Finally, in Light weight, all vehicles reduced maximum speed, but increased acceleration. This class offers a more relaxed driving experience and should satisfy anyone who loves arcade who doesn’t want to bother.

Ways of revolt
Ways of revolt

Slipstream offers multiple game modes playable alone or with others on the split screen. on great ride, the race is done through five connected stages with tracks forking and competitors going through. If you want to do simple races on a track and customize some parameters such as the number of drivers and laps, the starting position, you need to go to … single stroke. logic. For competitors, there is a mode Great prize with three championships (Rubis, Sapphires and Emeralds) with five different races with time marks and optional car customization. Prizes won during races will allow you to increase the performance of your car. The winner is the car that gets the most points at the end of the competition. on cannon ballThe, is a mixture of Single Races and Grand Prix, as they are classified as rally races, but through several stages connected end to end. If you swear by the clock, you can prove yourself Against the watch to achieve your best time in three laps. Finally, Slipstream offers a mode Battle Royale with knockout races. At the end of each stage, the pilot in the last position is eliminated. By the end of the competition, only one was left.


The slipstream is definitely worth a detour given its price and because it produces immediate pleasure in the hand controller and the feeling of speed is well written, especially when the screen is tilted. I just regret that I can’t respond to competitors when they challenge us. Personally, I find that disappointing. Especially since if we take too long to read the dialog boxes, we don’t look down the road … Well, anyway, it’s configurable like a lot of game options.

Slipstream - Tilt the screen when turning
Slipstream – Tilt the screen when turning


Slipstream is rather an oldschool pixel art game reminiscent of titles like Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge or Power drift … but developed on today’s machines. The result is controlled and will run at full speed of 60 frames per second, on 15 recommended circuits from desert, village, mountain or coastal roads. Also, I invite you to pay attention to the details along the way. If you’re a Sonic fan, you must like it.


Special mention of graphic options is a true declaration of love for retrogaming. Attention, I’m not talking about a low-end retro filter, but a real leap into the past, which almost makes you sad to throw away your cathode-ray television.


If I talk to you about the MS2000r, Minibrute, Poly800, JX-3P and DX-21, I’ll answer you … No, they’re not grandma’s drugs, but they’re synthesizers, some analog and some digital. others, used by Stefan. Moser (Effoharkay). The result is amazing and smells like the arcade rooms of the 80’s. The music is epic with an old school synthwave and rhythms that are both oldschool and contemporary. I can’t see myself playing without music and of course, turning up the volume.

ConclusionMy opinion on Slipstream on the Nintendo Switch


The slipstream was a very nice surprise. The game honors the arcade game and is placed high in the references of 80s/90s games.

In summary

The strong points Slipstream Highlights

  • – 15 circuits to be operated in two directions
  • – 5 cars
  • – 6 game modes
  • – Play with 4 local players
  • – Retro effects
  • – Very successful soundtrack
  • – A nice sense of speed
  • – In French
  • – Customization options
  • – Skids
  • – Rewind function
  • – Immediate management
  • – Tilting the screen

The weak areas Weaknesses of Slipstream

  • – Failing dialogues
  • – The mistake is unforgivable
  • – Only in dematerialized form. Hello just for the Games 🙂

Trailer of the slipstream game

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