Rodez. Aveyron. Road safety: shock awareness that will strike the minds of citizens

the necessity
More than 750 high school students from Rodez and Aubin were invited yesterday to a spectacular road accident demonstration to let future drivers know the appropriate behavior for safety.

Launched at 50 km/h, the minivan collided with a small motor that, right or wrong, broke it. The driver of the two wheels was thrown off the windshield, climbed a few meters into the wind and fell violently to the ground. Firefighters arrived, followed by police. They continued to rescue, trying to revive the motorcyclist, but to no avail. Confirmed the death, the mortuary van took turns arriving at the scene.

The scenario in all respects is in line with reality, this is also the purpose of this bizarre demonstration organized by the National Education in collaboration with the Departmental Road Safety Committee, the firefighters and the national police, under to see the prefect of Aveyron, Valérie Michel-Moreaux.

In the spacious parking lot of Combelles, in the Monastery, more than 750 students from Foch and Monteil de Rodez high school, but also from Aubin vocational high school with two specific training courses (Security professions and volunteer firefighters ) was on the scene .. It was commented point by point by Robert Garcia, former professional firefighter from the Basin and speaker at Aubin high school and Commander Michel Rohr at the Rodez police station.

Collective knowledge

Of course, the driver of the two wheels is a plastic dummy weighing up to 70 kg and the driver of the minivan is Villefranche stuntman Joe Pégourié, experienced in this type of exercise. But realism is more subordinate to collective consciousness, as a young firefighter smeared with (fake) blood replaces the model during rescue operations. The death recorded in the scenario was even more shocking as police and firefighters explained that they had to report the tragedy to the young driver’s family.

Two extras will replace Joe Pégourié aboard the car, and will be evacuated by firefighters. The driver will test positive for alcohol, his passenger on narcotics.

15-19 year olds, spectators for an hour in this simulation, become actors in their own behavior if they have a steering wheel or steering wheel in their hands. This is the real purpose of this educational maneuver: to invite them to understand that, by the way, everyone is obviously weaker, for their own lives and the lives of others.

This action taken over nearly twenty years by the Departmental Road Safety Committee, National Education and their partners aims to make the road safer, many high school students admit to being convinced of it when they return. on their bus.

Few but still serious accidents

On Sept. 29 and since Jan. 1, 92 road accidents have occurred in Aveyron, resulting in 121 being injured and 11 killed. If we compare these numbers to the last two years, we note that in 2019, 194 accidents resulted in 268 injuries and 18 deaths, and for 2020, 18 deaths and 191 injuries for 150 accidents. Accidents are few, but just as severe, as traffic increases (excluding a period of total incarceration, of course between March and May 2020)… True, the year is not over, but it is a safe bet that the number of physical accidents will remain lower than last year. “In the 1990s, there were an average of 50 deaths per year in Aveyron, in the following decade, this number halved,” said Daniel Fernandez, secretary of the Departmental Road Safety Committee. And let us recall that, since 2010, there have been about fifteen people on average have seen death on the streets of Aveyron … “And to add:” Over the years, knowledge has improved, many things have become part of our customs. But there is much more to do. in the field of training for drivers of two-wheelers and automobiles. Because you have learned to pass an exam to get a license, but not to drive on a daily basis … “The heavy price paid among motorcyclists a new phenomenon: the consumption of narcotics increases and distracts the attention of drivers, one of the leading causes of alcohol and speeding accidents. Another event that was even more disturbing and joined the action taken yesterday in front of high school students: the heavy price paid by two-wheeler drivers. In fact, of the 11 road deaths recorded since Jan. 1, 6 concern motorcyclists. Bikers represent “3% of the vehicles surrounding Aveyron and 30% of the total number of accidents in which they are victims”, insisted prefect Valérie Michel-Moreaux.

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