Review of Love and Monsters (Film, 2020)

CRITICISM / FILM OPINION-Dylan O’Brien shines in “Love and Monsters”, a post-apocalyptic action comedy in the tradition of “Welcome to Zombieland” (less bloody). A nice little surprise to discover on Netflix.

Love and Monstersa post-apocalyptic comedy

The trajectory of the film Love and Monsters no exception these days. Dressed by Paramount and intended for a theatrical release, it is only entitled to a small advantage in the United States. Netflix is ​​taking advantage of the pandemic purchase of international rights. Getting that responds to a specific logic, the feature film is made to speak to a teenage audience. Both love the streaming service. Headlining: Dylan O’Brien, the star of Teenage Wolf and movies The labyrinth.

After a missile strike aimed at destroying an asteroid heading for Earth, the fall from the chemicals caused the world’s animals to mutate into monsters. 95% of the population is extinct and some survivors have to adapt. In an attempt to preserve the human race, small colonies were formed. We immediately met Joel, a young adult who was in the kitchen. That problem? There is no soul mate when couples flock around him.

Love and Monsters © Netflix

Well, not exactly. Our star has a crush on Aimee (Jessica Henwick). A beautiful young woman she shrugged before everything changed. Finding him was not easy, as he was in a colony 130 kilometers from hers. And Joel is not known by his courage or his creativity.

A majestic show

May there be no misunderstanding, Love and Monsters is a production calibrated to appeal to a young audience. The tone adopted was quickly recognized as cool, with little jokes thrown by the hero directly at the audience and some good bad gags. We knew in no time what kind of product we were dealing with. For those looking for a show that mixes adventure, fantasy and good feelings, the result should meet your expectations. There is no fraud in sales and well done so. Love and Monsters there is a dangerous tendency not to believe in himself to be greater than he can be. It is also in this sense that its attractiveness is suppressed.

If you’re 10 years old, this monster -based adventure, featuring a cute dog and an awkward but charming hero can really have an impact on it. We are about to talk mini Welcome to Zombieland, in this way to take the genre to offer a noble show that does not lead. Of course, the most demanding will see that the characters telling the story can’t escape a killed parts already seen elsewhere.

Love and Monsters
Love and Monsters © Netflix

The animals, the real stars of the movie

Will it interfere with the fun? Not necessarily, as long as the dimension of the project is well understood. While the narrative elements and the protagonists rarely pay attention to originality, the universe unfolding in front of Michael Matthews ’camera claims market share. Frequent encounter with monsters always effective and shocking. Love and Monsters There’s also a strange attention to titillating fans of the old-school genre with some on-set effects.

The love put forward in the title is not only of the hero for his lover, but also of a director who wants to highlight his critters. Especially since not all of them are presented as threats and sometimes they give beautiful poetry. Among other things, we believe a giant crab, an army of underground worms and a huge snail. The concept makes it possible to create a beautiful bestiary and our appetite pushes us to claim more than what the film has to offer. The scenes in which they are involved provide all the comfort of this feature film. That’s why we want little human interaction and a lot of creatures. With his good spirit, Love and Monsters there would have been no chaos if it had even come out in the 80s. It was that blessed time that cinema knew how to attract us to animals.

Love and Monsters by Michael Matthews, on Netflix at April 14, 2021. Surface to trailer. Find all of our trailers here.

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