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The Belgian Griffon is rather a small pup from the Griffon variety, called “Smousje”. He had a great need to hunt rats from the stable.

Where did the Belgian griffon puppy come from?

Belgian Griffon walking in a park Credit: Okssi68

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Originally from Belgium, the Belgian griffin Griffon Bruxellois belongs to the genus Griffon, and the family Petit Brabançon. These are small dogs from the Griffon breed called “Smousje”. The smousje is a small tough and hairy puppy from the Brussels region. These three small dogs have a common pattern. Note that the Brussels Griffon is red in color, with fierce, long hair.

Petit Brabançon can feature the colors of Brussels or Belgian Griffon. This dog is the most shy of the three. She also has shorter hair. The Belgian Griffon for a livestock and huntingformerly used to guard chariots. It is therefore used to drive harmful animals out of the stable (rodents).

The Belgian Griffon is the least known variant of the small Belgian dogs. Note that this dog was born from the crosses between the smousje, the pug and the Cavalier King-Charles. This terrier dog has been very successful since the 20th century.

On October 26, 1954, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognized him. This little companion dog is very strong. Its silhouette is especially reminiscent of a square. It has an elegant look and shows a typical look. In addition, it is particularly distinguished by its slightly longer coat and its color.

What are the specifics of a Belgian griffon dog?

Two Belgian Griffons resting on a lawn Credit: Eudyptula

too attached to his master, the Belgian Griffon is a lively and intelligent little pup that can sometimes be stubborn. This Griffon dog is very similar to the Brussels Griffon. Only their color makes the difference. This terrier variety is also different from the Petit Brabançon because of its slightly longer hair.

Physical Behavior of a Belgian Griffon Puppy

Here are the physical characteristics of a Belgian Griffon dog:

The Belgian Shepherd Griffon can be black or black and tan. Tan marks are usually located on the cheeks, chest, posterior (foot to hock) and front (foot to wrist) areas. These marks can also be seen on the ears, above the eyes, on the forehead, under the tail.

Half-length, shiny, stiff, rough, somewhat curly often called goat’s hair, its outer coat is doubled with an undercoat.

Written in a square, this dog has a straight and strong back. The tourniquet is small. The chest becomes wide and well lowered. It also has a slight rise in the abdomen. The croup is rather wide and flat. Muscular and short waist.

Round and relatively large compared to its body, it is covered with rough, messy hair. He also has a nice round forehead, folds of his eyes, cheeks, nose and beak.

Very large and very round in shape, they have brown and black color. His eyes were also burning, bulging and tearing black. The lids are covered in black.

Small in size, kneeling forward and well separated, they are attached at the top and remain in a semi-erect position.

Cut into two-thirds, tied and carried high, it rises to the back without touching it.

  • Its weight: on average 3 to 5 kg;
  • Its size: between 20 and 28cm.

Character and ability of a Belgian Griffon

the Belgian shepherd griffon for playful, kind, agile and alert dog like Schnauzer. In fact, this Brussels dog always feels happy. It will warmly welcome your guests. He also remained loyal to his master and his social group, he rarely ran away. So it can be quite invasive.

This pet is not aggressive or fearful. This little puppy from Belgium is very curious and alive. Keep in mind that this is a companion dog where you will not be assigned specific tasks.

In short, the Belgian Griffon have a balanced temperament, but sometimes they are shy. Typically, this breed of dog has a life span of 14 years.

Characteristics of a Belgian Griffon dog

The Belgian Griffon does not support loneliness, as it can be stressful or stressful. If you leave him alone for a long time, he can develop a destructive habit. This type of dog must be accustomed to gentle and gradual loneliness from an early age. This learning contributed to reducing his anxiety later on.

This Brussels dog is very attentive to the behavior of the people around him. He was obedient and easy to train. However, this pet has little temperament that can complicate brutal or overly long education sessions.

In addition, there are remains an alert and hunting dog, although he was sociable. He is alert and quick to gossip. Thanks to her joie de vivre, her compulsive and relatively flexible nature, she is a perfect fit for someone who wants to make the first adoption.

The Belgian Griffon quickly understood the canine code. Also, he politely communicates with other dogs. This variety also loves to play with children. It can also accompany the elderly due to its small size and its characteristics.

How to educate and maintain a Belgian griffon puppy?

A sick Belgian Griffon in his bed Credit: Okssi68

Thanks to his intelligence and his connection to his master, the Belgian Griffon is a very agile dog. So his education should be gentle and strong. This dog can easily live in town, especially in an apartment. It can be content in small spaces. This companion dog enjoyed the atmosphere of life close to his master and his family. You only need to take it once a day. It is easy to carry and its small size allows it to travel anywhere.

Note that the Belgian Griffon is afraid of low humidity and cold. It is, however, dangerous in patella luxation and hip dysplasia. She may also experience eye problems because of her prominent eyes. So, get insurance tailored to the Belgian griffon dog to take care of your pet if you have a health problem.

L ‘interview with Brussels Griffons very easy. In fact, the moulting of griffins is fairly moderate. In addition, these animals shed very little hair. However, these Belgian dogs require attention and regular grooming, especially the removal of hair on certain parts of the face.

Every week, it is advisable to brush this puppy to preserve its coat. During moulting, it is important to brush regularly (2 to 3 times a week). So you can offer her a few waxing sessions per year (twice at least) and professional grooming.

Grooming, regular maintenance and weekly brushing are absolutely necessary for your Belgian griffon to maintain its unique appearance throughout its life. Her eyes and curls should also be given special attention. Every year, therefore, go to a repair salon with a good knowledge of the variety.

In terms of exercise, he doesn’t have too much need. A good one daily walking satisfy his needs. During the educational sessions, medications remain the most effective way to stimulate and maintain the concentration of this cute dog.

The Belgian Griffon and cats must grow together to guarantee a harmonious and peaceful coexistence.

Essential Tips for Raising a Belgian Griffon

A Belgian Griffon pup comes out of its cage Credit: Natalia Duryagina

The Belgian Griffon does not need a fOOD particularly. Like any terrier, his food should be of good quality and varied. It also needs to be adapted to their age, their physical exercise and their state of health. To avoid excessive weight gain, balance the daily ration of your griffins. You can give him food every day at a set time, especially at night.

Croquettes are enough for this little dog fun. However, they must be of high quality.

Belgian Griffons resistant and strong. These Brussels dog breeds have a good constitution and can live a long time. These dogs, however, are prone to many health issues specific to the breed. The diseases that commonly affect the Belgian Griffon are:

  • dental calculus;
  • Eye problems;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Dislocation of the patella;
  • Hip dysplasia.

Griffins can suffer breathing difficulties because of their brachycephalic appearance. This feature makes it difficult to perform an activity when it is too hot. On the other hand, the griffin cannot withstand adverse weather (humidity and cold), because it has a good undercoat.

Are you looking for a Belgian Shepherd Griffon? Contact breeders who respect animal welfare.

If you want to adopt a dog, know the price of one Belgian Griffon dog depending on its origin (parental pedigree), its age, whether male or female and adherence to breed patterns. You should plan on an average of 1300 euros if you plan to adopt this different dog. The price of a male Belgian Griffon is 1150 euros on average. The price of a woman can reach 1,300 euros. It also takes about 20 euros per month to meet the needs of a cute dog this size.

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