Nicolas and Louise from Love are in the pasture still in love

In 2020, they raced the hearts of the audience when they fell in love under the lens of the cameras of the popular reality show. Two years later, their happiness is still growing. We collect the trusts of a beloved Quebecers couple: dairy producer Nicolas Laliberté and his girlfriend, Louise Grimard.

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Nicolas and Louise, 57 and 56 years your participation Love is in the pasture. So far, you are the deans of the show. Your love at first sight gives hope to some single fifty-something!
On the Internet, women in their 50s and 60s wrote to me that our story gave them hope in love. The young women told me that their mother realized, thanks to the show, that there was no age to find a soul mate! Another somewhat particular confidence: while listening to the end of the show, a woman turned to her husband and announced to him: “You and I, it’s over!”
Nicholas: This woman realized while watching Love is in the pasture that she no longer loved her man. For my part, among the testimonies that mark me, there is Denis, a farmer from this period. Inspired by my participation, she decided to sign up for the show at the age of 53.

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We see you meet Denis and his lovers on his farm in Casselman, Ontario, as part of the new season.
NO .: During this wonderful meeting, Louise and I advised them to take their time. Yes, we quickly fell in love in front of the cameras, but once this adventure was behind us, we quietly got to know each other.
L .: The proof: after a two-and-a-half year relationship, I didn’t live the whole season on the Saint-Anselme farm. I still have a home in Sherbrooke, two and a half hours away, and I still work in the field of family mediation.
NO .: I have a good “agricultural theme” example to explain our situation: transplanting a young branch is easy, while transplanting a large adult tree is more difficult. . Why? Because it has big roots that represent his past, his background, his history.
L .: At age 20, if you live with mom and dad, you can move in with your lover on a whim. If it doesn’t work after a while, we delete it and start again, without much consequence. But in our age, it’s important to plan things well.

What is your beauty to each other every day?
NO .:
Loulou isn’t colorless, it’s full of flavor! Recently, I found the perfect word to describe her: loving. She attracted people to her, to her beautiful personality. She was a good companion, a good mother and a good friend.
L .: Thank you my dear! For my part, I like that Nicolas talks about his emotions. If I go to be with him on the farm or in the field, he will be happy and he will take the time to talk to me. If anything bothered him, he would tell me right away instead of putting it inside.
NO .: I have to say that I taught Louise well. Thanks to her work, she has experience in relationships that she can apply to our love life. With my Loulou, I learned to build a strong foundation in our lives together.
L .: And by my side, I learned a lot of things about agriculture and milk production. Nicolas was a good teacher, very patient with the girl in town that I was.

That’s right, in The family is on the pasturewe see that you seem to be coping with farm life, Louise!
L .: I accompanied Nicolas to all the milking, even at 5 in the morning! I take care of little cows, I love them so much. In the summer, I would go and sit in their park to talk to them, take care of them, brush them off. I also harmed myself by feeding them in the bottle.
NO .: Louise did so well with the animals! With the lack of work in the agricultural world, dairy producers no longer have the time to give their cows the attention they once did. The bond he develops with animals is valuable, because when they mature, they value the presence of humans.

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Aside from love, you really are complicit!
NO .: I said to The family is on the pasture“What I’m looking for isn’t what I found. It’s more beautiful than what I’m looking for.” It really shows where I live with my Loulou.
L .: Ah, what a poet my man is! He always had his own way of describing things, and I found that beautiful.

After your adventure Love is in the pasture, you want to travel again. Has this dream come true?
NO .: The pandemic erupted shortly after our appearance on the show. When the trips started again, there were so many sanitary restrictions that we preferred to wait to take advantage of the trip.
L .: It must also be said that Nicolas had a hard time leaving his farm. We started a short weekend not too far away, in L’Isle-aux-Grues. Gradually, he learned to make room for the man behind the farmer.

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In the end, what is happiness like for you?
L .: A dinner for two, miss each other when we are at home, looking forward to meeting, making plans, spending time with family. NO .: Among us, we have seven children and nine grandchildren. Louise has a knack for kids, she immediately bonding with them. Nice to see him go. When I was with my beautiful Louise and all our loved ones living under one roof, I told myself it wouldn’t be more complicated than that, happiness.

A meeting for 10 years
During the stage Love is in the pasture: trust, on April 7, at 8 p.m., host Katherine Levac will celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary by getting news of all the couples from the years they’ve been together. “We are happy to participate in this show. Because we work in the same field and have the same adventure, we immediately create links with the participants, ”said Nicolas.

behold Love is in the pasture Thursday at 8 p.m., in Noovo.

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