My dog ​​pees when he’s happy: why?

It’s the same thing every time: when your dog is happy, he’ll bark! This habit you can’t tolerate and your dog doesn’t seem to be able to control his bladder. How do you mean your dog urinates when he is happy? How to fix it? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Hyperemotivity and loss of sphincter control

When you come home from work, when you take care of him or when you play with him, your dog is happy. He wagged his tail, showed you his affection and… he peed. in this last reaction, you want to do without it. Especially since it’s the same thing, every time! How to explain this phenomenon?

If your dog is very excited about a situation, even excessively, it’s because he’s hyperemotional. In moments of intense joy, he could no longer control his sphincters. These relax and your dog will bark. He didn’t empty his bladder! He let out a stream of urine. These pisses of pleasure are very common and should not worry you. In fact, they have nothing to do with incontinence. On the other hand, this behavior is unconscious and of course not voluntary.

It should be noted that some dogs, especially emotional ones, are more likely to bark in other situations. In addition to losing control of their sphincters when they are too happy, they will:

  • when they are rebuked,
  • if they stress,
  • when they are afraid.

What to do if your dog urinates with pleasure?

Make an appointment with the veterinarian

If your dog is constantly urinating with pleasure, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian. Even if this behavior is normal, you need to make sure he or she does not have urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections.

The veterinarian’s goal is to check that your dog is not suffering from incontinence. The causes of this pathology are as follows:

  • Malformation, anatomical problem,
  • Unsuccessful sterilization,
  • Neurological diseases,
  • Old age,
  • The presence of kidney stones,
  • Diabetes,
  • Potomania.

If the veterinarian cannot explain the loss of sphincter control, then you need to work with your dog because the loss of urine is more characteristic.

Manage your dog’s hyperemotion

Cheer pees because of your dog’s poor handling. In order to teach him to maintain restraint, it is necessary to adopt proper conduct. Here are some examples.

  • Ignore the pleasure of urine. Yes that’s hard! Especially if you need to change or wash the entrance mat the 15th time. But it’s a solution that works. The worse your reaction, the stronger your dog will be. Of course, violence is prohibited. As we have already mentioned, the loss of control of the sphincters is rather involuntary and unconscious.
  • Don’t show your happiness when you get home. You need to stay calm so that your dog can do the same. Thus, urination may be less frequent.
  • Don’t reassure your dog by hugging him. You know that urinary incontinence is associated with a severe emotional state. But loving your dog too much doesn’t help things. On the contrary, you risk reinforcing this habit.
  • Identify the triggers. You know your dog will lose control if he is happy, but there may be a reason. Are the hugs? Words? By discovering this, you can reduce piss with pleasure.

How do you react when your dog urinates with pleasure?

Here are different scenarios and solutions tailored to each of them.

Your dog will bark when you come back from work

In this situation, it is highly recommended to prepare your dog for your return. All the way good! You can:

  • deactivate the alarm if there is one,
  • ring the phone and even leave a message,
  • knocking or ringing the bell before entering,
  • give me time to go home …

When your dog knows that your return is imminent, he will begin to process his emotions. You can also work or re-work on departures and return home. This method is especially useful if your dog suffers from emotional dependence.

Your dog will bark before walking or playing

A dog can feel deep joy at the idea of ​​walking with his master or playing with him. Result: he urinates. If so, you don’t have to excite him yet. Avoid telling him with great enthusiasm it’s time to walk away. You need to stay calm and say “slow” to your dog. Once again, the more limited the ejaculations, the more the dog can control.

Your dog will bark when there is a visitor

This situation is very annoying but sadly very common. If you have visitors, pick your dog when they arrive. To solve this, you need to ask your dog to stay in the basket. If he doesn’t comply, then he should be locked in another room. Your companion should not welcome your guests with you under any circumstances. Once calm is restored, you can release your dog. Don’t hesitate to ask your guests to control themselves.

Calling a teacher: is it a solution?

Calling a dog trainer can be a solution to reduce or eliminate happy urination. This professional will share his expertise with you. After observing your dog, he will provide you with the right techniques. It is common for the teacher to offer a desensitization to the dog. In other words, it will help your dog control all his emotions.

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