Metaverse Gaming And Streaming Platform OGLife Partners With Tech Company Pluto Digital To Reach 3 Billion Players

Original Gamer Life or OGLife has partnered with Pluto Digital ahead of the upcoming IoT launch and public $ OGL token sale

April 16, 2022 / PRZen / TOKYO, Japan-The Growing-a-Service social impact community and metaverse of the game Original Gamer Life announces the official partnership with Digital Pluto, a technology company and crypto operations. The partnership between the two companies will explore new opportunities in the gaming world, crypto, NFT and the metaverse as OGLife creates its own gaming multiverse.

Brandon Siivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life and retired Air Force major, highlighted this strategic partnership. “We welcome our friends from Pluto Digital to the OGLife family. Pluto Digital’s mission is to make DeFi technology accessible to everyone not only in modern blockchain games, but also in NFTs, digital assets, and crypto projects.As OGLife aims to connect players to traditional and DeFi games through our multiverse, Pluto Digital’s optimization of DeFi elements in games supports our building goals metaverse, NFT ecosystem, and user interface.By exploring the possibilities of this partnership, we want to improve our Play-to-Thrive concept that integrates gaming, DeFi technology, fitness and fitness activities to develop a good experience of our players., who are all original. The players, are the origin of their existence in the multiverse, ”Sivret said.

OGLife is a multiverse gaming platform that serves as a portal to different metaverses where their avatar participates in activities aimed at overall health and well-being, with a similar and positive impact on the player in real life. It’s more than just playing with a unique combined free-play and play-to-win model that the team calls play-to-thrive.

Pluto Digital director Asa Hutchinson shared the same sentiment. “We are pleased to begin this partnership with OGL. The OGL Play-to-Thrive model is in line with our vision of making DeFi publicly accessible by how they combine free games with elements that play-to-win. We love how the game play has evolved into something more like the metaverse and we are proud to have OGL as our new partner, “Hutchinson said.

OGLife is currently preparing for the next launch of $ OGL IDO. Official details of the launch date and pads will be announced soon.

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Pluto Digital PLC (Pluto) is a crypto technology and operations company that makes web 3.0 decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible to everyone.

Pluto makes DeFi accessible to everyone through products and services developed by Pluto’s Software Development Labs division, new yield farming strategies through Pluto’s Yield division, and through collaboration on new DeFi projects and the NFT metaverse through Pluto’s Ventures division.

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Original Gamer Life or OGLife is a Thriving-as-a-Service (TaaS) social impact platform and a multiverse comprised of several metaverses all linked to one important goal: encouraging gamers to participate in activities in health. and wellness using blockchain and crypto. OGLife is the first incubated project run by Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company OGLife aims to provide players with a fun, healthy, and rewarding way to live and thrive. We are a gaming and streaming platform that brings 3 billion players to the crypto space. At OGLife, we combine the traditional Free-to-Play game model with the DeFi Play-to-Earn game model, everything related to fitness, cognitive, cognitive, social and creative tasks to create new How to play: Play-in progress.

Take care of your most important character inside and outside the metaverse – you, the original player.

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