Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the pasture) separate: the real reason is revealed

Mathieu and Alexandre went unnoticed in season 15 of Love is in the pasture. In fact, from the speed dating stage, the two men fell in love with each other and the temperature suddenly rose between them. They fell in love with each other, but most of all made all the fans Love is in the pasture. After the program, they started a series of joint projects. They were together, they got married… Find out why now, the two candidates are far apart… geographically speaking.

Love is in the pasture: clear to them!

One thing is for sure, viewers are following season 15 on Love is in the pasture defeated by Mathieu and Alexandre. They are different in many things, but cooperate with each other in many others. Karine Le Marchand, the faithful presenter of the program, was present for the wedding proposal. We share with you in this article the take of this inspiring moment. Therefore, it is almost normal to invite her to the wedding of two men. Finally, it’s a little thank you to the host and his show Love is in the pasture that they met.

Since their meeting, they have never been separated and united. But now things have changed. Why did they split up?

A beautiful romance to begin with Love is in the pasture

The beginning of the love story of the two candidates Love is in the pasture not easy. In fact, it hasn’t been a calm river for long. First of all, the fact that they are homosexu*l makes more of a speech. Then there is the big age difference between the farmer and the training jockey.

Despite their differences and illnesses, the couple loves each other. In fact, at just 44 years old, Mathieu suffered from an incurable disease called Cadasil. When she heard this terrible news she made the decision to sign up for the show and find the love of her life. His goal is to live the time he has left with a sincere person. This is what the farmer means: I registered when I found out that I have an incurable disease, Cadasil disease. In fact it is gene 19 that is screwing up. For 1/3 of people these are large strokes and for another two-thirds it is a degeneration of stroke microphones“, he said during an interview for our colleagues from Current wife.

The candidate of Love is in the pasture also added: The end is not pleasant, what. I told this to my friend at the time who never managed it very well ”. So, for a long time he gave up his dream of becoming a father, but since meeting Alexander, everything has changed. In fact, they are about to start…

They separate, but not for long

So, on Sunday March 27, 2022, a publication was noticed by Internet users. In fact, the black and white photo of their wedding as well as the message in the caption spread doubt in the minds of the fans. “Separation can have virtues, but it is often marked by a lack. We have lived this past 2 years H24 together: work, family, projects, our commitments. Life at 200km/h, few people can experience many things like us in a short time, is it the fear of disease, or our energy, surely a mixture of the two… We will love each other “. A touching statement like their story.

One thing is for sure, they separate for their projects and for good cause. The good news is that their relationship can be emotionally stressful. We can’t wait to find out what happens next in their love story.

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