Magali Ripoll (Don’t forget the lyrics) confesses his close relationship with Nagui

Magalie Ripoll is a personality who has been part of a great adventure for many years. In fact, the latter joined the show Don’t forget the lyrics, presented by Nagui. Recently, she addressed this topic, highlighting her relationship with the latter.

Don’t forget the lyrics, a fantastic show?

There are many program concepts that reach audiences at different levels.

In fact, we can already see a lot of programs that can now make a lot of difference to audiences.

The program presented by Nagui, called Don’t forget the lyrics, is a show that has established itself in its field. In fact, it later allowed the audience to enjoy a lot of music, with added challenge.

As the name suggests, the goal is not to forget the lyrics. A challenge faced by many candidates, who have to know a lot of songs.

And viewers can face this challenge as well. They can also test their knowledge of music later, which also challenges them.

A program that brings people together and allows you to have fun. Especially with personalities like Magalie Ripoll who have given new life to the latter.

He also recently trusted his relationship with Nagui, revealing some information about it.

Magalie Ripoll and her arrival on the show!

He is a key character in this show, knowing how to adapt to the context later.

In fact, Magalie Ripoll was a chorister and musician who joined this program in 2007. An experience she continues to pursue today, allowing her to bring a new personality to this field.

But it also allows you to gain experience and push your singing skills. He is now presented as an important personality in this show.

Magalie Ripoll also clarified her arrival at this show, allowing some curtains to be removed: “ David Dahan, a conductor I have worked with since 2004, was contacted by Gérard Pullicino to become an orchestra of musicians. At the time, there were only seven of us to join the pilot of Don’t Forget the lyrics. And because I can play instruments like keyboard and accordion, I came to complete this training. Although he knows a lot of singer, he prefers to call me. I was like a Swiss army knife and like I was there“.

Since his arrival, he has once again been able to adapt to this new environment. Good environment and above all good advice, the young mother is like a fish in water.

The proof is, Magalie Ripoll will go on tour as the mistress of the ceremonies for the tour of Don’t forget the lyrics.

He stated the following: For us, it’s just a bonus on stage. We said to ourselves: ‘Oh no, we’re going on tour, we’re going to be on the bus if we meet 150 days a year’ and we laughed it off before. The core is there.

Magalie Ripoll trusts Nagui!

But the latter has also benefited greatly from his association with presenter Nagui.

A similarity can also be seen on screen for many spectators of the show. He also seems to be grateful to the latter for the trust he has placed in him over the years: “ For fifteen years, Nagui gave his trust to me. I was happy with the opportunity to work with someone like him“.

A relationship that he seems to value highly and that allows the latter to express himself as he pleases: ” It is a relationship of professional friendship and togetherness. It’s very hot. We can’t stop mocking. We have so much affection for each other, I feel. He is protective and loyal. This is very good advice“.

But he’s also a different boss than you think. In fact, he specified the following, emphasizing his professionalism: ” If I had a problem in life, he was one of the people I would tell without hesitation. He was really tall and straight, not just facade. At the same time, he is the boss. He has demands and that’s normal“.

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