“Love”: love and violence, according to Gaspard Noé

In this fourth “burned out” episode, Gaspar Noé filmed sexual ecstasy and blamed the Western man. From orgasmic body chemistry to guilt and guilt covering, the ups and downs are an even more heartbreaking love story.

Lost paradises, the buried continent of the past, become the horizon of Gaspar Noé’s filmography, where every work goes, like a mirage that only cinema has the power to resurrect life. Some even deploy a reverse chronology:Can’t go back on love, we start at the end, and the plot then fully converges to the original time, the innocent, ante-violence, love. All of Noah’s heroes struggled to reconnect with it in the past and became fallen angels through blind fights.


If nostalgia and loss, important ideas of romantic engagement, come to the four feature films made so far by the Argentinian filmmaker (living in France since the age of 12), we first see the violence, which delivered in the face of hyperrealistic releases. He is the incest executioner of Alone against everyone (1999), caught up in a maelstrom of hatred and violence; it was the rape ad nauseam produced by the successive shot, which cost a lot of trouble to the director ofCan’t go back, and his other scene of anthological mouth-crushing; these are soundtracks filled with ultrasound to the limit of audible, or even these images painted in red, on a subjective and acrobatic camera (Enter the Void in 2010). Everything that can be seen in the universe love evacuated, with a possible suspicious interest for castagne.

love go to a statuary strengthening of love

The film tells of a romantic love affair between a young actress (the brunette Aomi Muyock, model of Swiss descent) and an apprentice filmmaker (Karl Glusman, actor in the next Nicolas Winding Refn) refuses in a threesome (the blonde Klara Kristin), and its unfortunate consequences to the couple. In 2 hours 15 minutes of non-simulated sex hugs, Noé explores the feeling of love in its most mundane, animal and organic aspects: a luxurious trip, one of its sources being the writings of Bataille that builds sexual fatigue into a kind of metaphysical absolute.

This alchemical fusion of bodies, Noah shows it less through creatures of flesh and blood than by way of allegories. These three sexy love figures will fall in love and desire each other under the direction of melodrama, in an estuary of great pictoriality (a thought in Delacroix’s paintings, Caravaggio) interspersed with lunches of classical music, to a statuary reinforcement of love fostered by Benoît Debie (head of Harmony Korine or Wim Wenders), which inspired the filmmaker with the idea of ​​3D.

So amorous ecstasy according to an adult, older Noah, is far from the crooked libido ofCan’t go back (even if we keep in mind the maddating softness of the scenes between Cassel and Bellucci), who took the opportunity to settle his account with the Western man. This is the whole paradox of a film criticized for macho and phalo-centric views: Noé, on the contrary, defeats the traditional fantasies of men and breaks them individually, through the reactions of one. hero who is more restrained than his girlfriend.

love seems like a long atonement

Thus, the triangular combination promoted by the female element of the couple is diverted to the vulgar deception of the couple’s marriage. The punishment was immediate. Because this boy is stepping on a symbol of freedom of love (three, traveling to sex clubs, etc.), love seems high pay, where the influences of a Ferrara emerged (we also notice the appearance of its producer, Vincent Maraval, as a brightly libertine cop).

His grief is in this mistake that has turned into a long flashback, much like a drug attack, a post-traumatic crisis that has only reached strength with a shocking aftermath. : the first encounter between the two heroes. This sequence in a Paris park, all in circular motions, brings the two lovers to a bridge called “the suicide bridge”, and alone sums up the beautiful romantic love of love. Under the roller coaster of this supersad love story, it finally reaches the height of this rediscovered time capsule.

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