In love or friendship | Safia and Pomme sing with Céline at Lac-Mégantic

All men’s gold is worthless when Celine Dion’s songs are far from Safia Nolin. “When I say I love him, it’s not a joke, it is not ironic. For me to be a queen ! And this queen he will honor next summer at Chapelle du rang 1 on Lac-Mégantic, with Pomme, in a show presented as a premiere in Quebec, In love or friendship.

Posted on April 14th

Dominic Late

Dominic Late
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“I talk all the time, all the time about Céline,” Safia Nolin laughed about the woman she once wanted to be a singer herself. The enthusiasm of the little girl from Limoilou, when she launches a lyrical flight about the little girl from Charlemagne, is so gratifying that Pomme (Claire Pommet), Safia’s famous companion, anam- gradually winning the charms of this titanic work. “The buzz is newer for Claire, but very intense. »

When they were contacted by the organizers of Printemps de Bourges, who wanted to entrust the two author-composers to create a new show, it was obvious: it was not enough to love Céline, it was also necessary to celebrate.

title In love or friendshipthe tribute show, woven with stripped -down interpretations of restraints taken from the entire Celinian repertoire, will be given on April 21 in France, as well as an occasion in Quebec, on July 22, at the Chapelle du rang 1 on Lac -Mégantic, a former heart church where only 60 privileged people can share communion each night.

“Polaroid of a moment in life when Claire and I dreamed of spending time with Céline in a chalet, playing all her tunes”, this hosanna in honor of the diva could be an opportunity for those who regularly sung by Dion (especially on his album. Covers Vol. 1) to offer and picture of her Celine. A picture of the antipodes of one sketched in the broad strokes of Valérie Lemercier in Alinea film in which Safia says it is wrong to portray her idol.

Pour moi, Céline, c’est une des plus grandes chanteuses ! Il y avait tellement peu de chances que tout ce qui lui est arrivé lui arrive. Et elle a tellement travaillé fort. Mais dans Aline, c’est comme si elle ne prenait jamais de décisions, qu’elle n’était qu’un pantin, qu’elle n’avait aucun contrôle sur sa vie et sa carrière. Valérie Lemercier s’est payé un trip sur Céline, et j’ai trouvé ça tough, en plus que ça ridiculisait beaucoup les Québécois.

Safia Nolin

Un café avec Céline

Entrelacé d’extraits d’entrevues accordées au fil des années par la chanteuse pas ordinaire, D’amour ou d’amitié permettra aussi à Safia Nolin et Pomme de rappeler qu’au-delà de ses occasionnelles élucubrations philosophico-cryptiques, Céline Dion a très tôt posé un regard d’une terrible lucidité sur les pièges qui jonchent l’autoroute du show-business.


Pomme, aux Victoires de la musique, en février 2021

Déjà dans sa vingtaine, elle était très éloquente quand elle s’exprimait sur son rapport au vedettariat. J’aimerais ça qu’on parle plus de ce côté-là d’elle, qu’on la ridiculise moins. Céline n’a pas la langue dans sa poche. Quand elle a dit “Take a kayak” [dans un entretien accordé à Larry King après l’ouragan Katrina, en 2005], never funny, tears of the heart. He told the entire country it was unreasonable for the Bush administration to let the people of New Orleans die. That was it rude.

Safia Nolin

So for the woman, the citizen and the artist the two friends will present their musical offerings, if they don’t spend a week in his company. Safia and Céline however met, for a while, backstage at the ADISQ gala in 2016, then during the tour stop at the Videotron Center COURAGEin 2019.

“I, my dream to be with him for coffee, to ask him: How are you. What is your life Do you have a boyfriend? Have a real conversation. In Quebec, very briefly, I told him I found him handsome, we talked a little and that was it. I was with my sister and my sister -in -law, and there, when we took pictures, I said, “We look like a blended gay family.” Celine repliedyea, you have to take the lead in life! ” It was magic. »

Safia Nolin and Apple: Méganticoises by adoption

As a child, Safia Nolin went every summer with her parents to spend a few weeks at the Mercier campground in Frontenac, a neighboring village on Lac-Mégantic. He stepped in there for the first time after decades in 2017, during the inaugural season of Chapelle du rang 1, an Anglican church built in 1891, which has now become a performance hall, one of the closest to Quebec. Safia Nolin and Claire Pommet quickly became regulars in this scene, to the point that Pomme is sometimes dubbed “the most Méganticoise of French singers”.


The Chapel ranks 1 on Lac-Mégantic

After two seasons of being denied by COVID-19, Chapel returned to service on July 2 for a performance by Geoffroy. Ariane Moffatt, Fanny Bloom, Étienne Coppée, Choses Sauvages, Valence and Martha Wainwright will also ride next summer in the Granit region. The outdoor music and circus festival, Colline, returns for a second edition, from August 11 to 14, with P’tit Belliveau, the Projet Sanctuaire collective and Tire le coyote. “I consider myself lucky, as Safia Nolin, to see what Mégantic used to be. [la tragédie ferroviaire de 2013] and I feel lucky to see what it is now, attending initiatives that put Mégantic on the map, like Hubert’s [Lavallée-Bellefleur, le jeune directeur général et artistique de la Chapelle et de Colline]. This room has a magical aura. You feel like you are in your guilt with the people you know. »

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