Education: The Senate severely marked Jean-Michel Blanquer’s results

At the beginning of the Senate information mission, there was an observation. Jean-Michel Blanquer holds the longevity record for a Minister of National Education under the Fifth Republic. Under his “quinquennium”, many far -reaching reforms were adopted. “It’s not a question of making a reliable report but of using our mission to control government”, explained, in early October, the rapporteur for the mission, Max Brisson (LR). Charged or not, the report remains critical.

Tuesday night, during a debate on education policies for a five-year term, “Jean-Michel Blanquer absolutely refuses”. “I would advise him to listen more to the advice of the teachers, to the expectations of the parents … Now 80% of the teachers believe that the school is in trouble. […] Yes, there are good orientations on the axes repaired by Jean-Michel Blanquer. But we have the same results, ”Senator LR said Wednesday.

“A public policy made urgently”

For 6 months, the mission reviewed key reforms over the five -year term, namely: “The link between school and society, lowering the teaching age to three years, promoting inclusive education. -schools, the priority given to primary education. through policies to limit the number of students from the large section to CE1, the reform of secondary schools and the attractiveness of the teaching profession ”.

And before the overall assessment, elected officials, “in many cases, the implementation of these reforms gives the impression of a public policy being carried out too quickly, with poor accompaniment to implementation”. They made 38 suggestions to address this.

The senators pointed to many unfulfilled goals, thus giving a sense of “navigating the vision”, creating “generations of guinea pig students” or creating “frustration for teaching staff ”.

In detail, the law for “a school of trust” adopted in 2019 aims to “strengthen respect for the school institution” and establish “a relationship of trust between society and school”.

At the end of the five-year term, a feeling of “distrust” emerged, the report said. “Only 4% of school teachers consider their profession to be valued […] The relationship between the National Education staff and their minister has been severely damaged. The proliferation of mandates (vade-mecum, “guidelines”, frequently asked questions) all obscure circulars restricting the autonomy of local public educational establishments and the pedagogical freedom of teachers ”.

Among their proposals, the senators want the automatic implementation of functional protection for teachers and “the same speed in following up on complaints filed by teachers as other people responsible for a public service mission “.

Doubling classes: “Mixed first results”

Regarding the number of accompanying persons for students with disabilities (AESH), the Senate approved an increase in credits of 65% dedicated to inclusive schools, 3.5 billion euros in the budget for 2022. But the rapporteurs “called for a strengthening of AESH training, starting with their needs. It is unacceptable that some financial training comes from their own funds to meet the needs of the students they support. ”.

Candidate Macron’s promise, the division of large classes in the CE1 section into priority education brings “first mixed results” and raises questions “about the means devoted to reducing the number of students per class. “. Doubling and capping (24 students per class) required 19,300 jobs. “Over the entire five -year term, just over 7,000 were created”, underline elected officials.

“Jean-Michel Blanquer challenges the collapse of mathematics, but the numbers are there”

High school math collapse: “Jean-Michel Blanquer is in denial” regrets Max Brisson

At the heart of this year’s news for its consequences on math teaching, baccalaureate reform is “in the middle of ford”. “There is a lack of student support today. 85% of head teachers and 65% of principals do not receive any specific training to fulfill their leadership mission. ”“ Lack of adequate total staff time (DHG) […] many students do not benefit from their 54 hours of orientation per year. ”As a result,“ lycée reform risks increasing the unequal territory between lycée ”.

As announced by the Public Senate a few weeks ago, the mission recommends “introducing mathematics education for all first and final year students, who can take the form of applied mathematics and to engage fight gender stereotypes related to certain courses and to improve the orientation of girls. specialists and the pursuit of scientific studies “.

“Jean-Michel Blanquer opposed the collapse of mathematics but the numbers are there. There were 90% of students in the last year who taught mathematics before its reform. We fell to 59%. He didn’t do everything. “I know he has good student syndrome. But denial is not for the very good Minister of National Education that he can be and that he is no longer,” said Max Brisson.

Finally, regarding the attractiveness of the teaching profession, the rapporteurs “recommend expediting career appointments, to improve teachers’ salaries and pray for active action by the Ministry to ensure that the goal of “better preparing students for their future teaching profession ”.

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