Dimitri, a cat with a dog, according to Josée Bournival

Dimitri, alias “the precious” is a cute 4-year-old brown tabby cat adopted by Josée Bournival and her family for a question of comfort, solace and a little everyday fun.

What is the reason you have this cat?

I was sad and more worried. The idea of ​​having cats by my side, during the day, reassures me. It makes me a partner, I work mostly from home to write my novels. We adopted two cats: a girl named Chocolatine and Dimitri. It calmed me down to flatter them, to take a break to take care of them. At the insistence of one of my daughters, I introduce you to Dimitri because he is his favorite and he finds her photogenic. I agree very much, by the way!

Why did you choose this name?

The employees at the residence we adopted him were the ones naming him. For children, it is a strange, unknown name. They found him funny. Collectively, we chose to pursue it.

Are you more of a “cat” or a “dog”? And why?

I have unusual working hours and four children. Let’s just say my life is full! The cat is an independent animal that can show more autonomy than the dog. It’s always been my favorite pet, because it’s masterful and I love the relationship of seduction that a cat imposes on us. When they come to beg by petting our calves, I can smile. I find them aesthetically beautiful. I love to observe their movements, they are always elegant, flexible, and so on.

How do you describe Dimitri’s personality in a few sentences?

This cat is very attractive. He was always enthusiastic, a player and a hunter. He goes out and likes to watch the birds. He was also looking for a companion with the children. It is nicknamed “the precious” because it always lies elegantly crossing its front legs and thus looks like a monarch!

Tell us a funny, unusual or particular fact about Dimitri.

Maybe it’s a dog in the body of a cat! He was walking around the neighborhood with the family. He was almost walking on foot. It wanders around with kids when they play in the back. I have never seen a cat have so much fun with their companion.

Tell us about one of his bad shots.

He would always wake me up in the middle of the night to ask for the door. I was a light sleeper and he understood that I was the man to wake up to his whims. Even in the winter, when it was too cold, he would sometimes ask for the door and would not come out because he considered the temperature too cold. I get angry every time I get up to no avail.

Like the master, like the beast

In my family, communication is important. Adults and children learn to communicate appropriately, to express their needs, to negotiate, and so on. Dimitri is a family member in his own right, because he “speaks”. He made an impressive language register for a cat. Of course, he was sneering and moaning, but he was howling like a dove. He would also murmur if the door took too long to open for him. He seemed to be flirting with us, so funny. Also, he uses non-verbal language to understand himself: he goes where he wants to get our attention, even if it’s his bowl, a room with the door closed, and so on.

About Josee Bournival

Author, host and columnist, he published in 2021 Physical principles of the human heartpublished by Hurtubise, and signed a new book, Stories with the dog, published by Goélette, in collaboration with three other authors. Teacher readers and their dogs are also invited to the official launch at La Librairie de Verdun, 4750 Wellington Street in Montreal, on April 19 from 5pm to 7pm.

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