Between love and anger, back to a controversial relationship between Deschamps and OM for his return to the Vélodrome

The historic Champions League marked Munich, six trophies as a coach, but also the famous flag “Deschamps and your players, break up!”. As a player or coach, Didier Deschamps has experienced it all in Marseille, where he returned on Friday with the Blues to face Côte d’Ivoire.

From player to coach, Didier Deschamps has experienced it all in Marseille, where he returned on Friday with the Blues to face Côte d’Ivoire. In five seasons as a player, including one on loan at Bordeaux, and three as a coach, the Basque has been one of OM’s achievements for over 30 years and for most of Marseillais, he is the “the great Didier The fields”.

But he also left town tired and injured in an even more painful last season as a coach. On the pitch, the Basque won titles in 1990 and 1992, as well as one canceled in 1993, and, of course, the 1993 Champions League, the first European Cup for French football clubs.

On the bench, from 2009 to 2012, he added a new league title (2010), three League Cups and two Champions Trophies to the OM record.

Deschamps player, Deschamps coach

Between the Deschamps player and Deschamps coach, OM has not won in 17 years. And since he left ten years ago, he hasn’t won either. “Deschamps’ legacy at Marseille is the win, the win. He was the captain of the 1993 team, the coach of 2010, the win was his mark. His record is clear and distinct. We love this season because we won, ”explained Christian Cataldo, boss of the Dodgers, one of the main group of OM supporters, of which Deschamps has been the godfather since its inception.

“There is no denying that he is very tall in the history of OM. There are people in the history of this club, great presidents, great coaches, very good players. And there is Deschamps”

Reporter from the daily La Provence Mario Albano, who has followed OM for 40 years, also ruled that Deschamps was “part of the legend of this club”. “It’s not debatable or subjective, it’s a proven and indisputable fact”, assures one who publishes next month’s “Grandes Finales de Marseille”, a book in which Deschamps should have a good place.

“Even if he’s not one of the greatest players, or one of the strangest, he’s very important.” What else do you want? ” Christian Cataldo abounds.It is at the corner opposite, South Bend, that the story of Deschamps in Marseille, on the other hand, has reached its lowest point.

“Deschamps is not a famous hero like Boli”

On March 28, 2012, OM played in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Bayern Munich. The poster was big but the weather was sick, marked by the war between Deschamps and José Anigo, the sports director whom he never spoke to. Instead, several banners were spread, including the most famous: “Deschamps and your players, break up!”.

Deschamps will actually leave at the end of the season, “very tired and physically damaged”, as he would say a few years ago. “He forced the sweets into Haribo”, Mario Albano smiled.

Blurred print

“He wanted to control everything, he became a little paranoid. But he knew it was completely unfair. He didn’t want to talk about it, it was still a disaster,” he added. In the end, the impression is vague. Deschamps ’track record in Marseille is unmatched, but not his love rating.

Mario Albano decided that “the feeling and the public demonstrations towards him are a symbol of the versatility of the Marseille public”. “There is a permanent desire for change in Marseille. Soon people are fed up and they want to see new faces”, explained the reporter from La Provence. “But if he disappears after the first year, or even the second year, he will be the living God.”

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