25 child names that symbolize love

Not so easy find the perfect name for your child. How to choose one that she will wear for the rest of her life? For some parents, this is the sound that focuses on the scales. Similarly, most of them are careful to make the agreement between the first name and the surname. Some refer to etymology. In fact, the meaning of first names is an important criterion for many future parents. And for good reason, many want for their child a first name that has multiple meanings, which has a positive impact.

What is more symbolic for his descendants than a name that evokes love what shall we bring him? Here are 25 baby name ideas that look like a declaration of love.

Choose a name inspired by love for your child

Looking for a sweet and original name for your child? Baby names inspired by love should win your heart. Others directly echo love, such as Aina, Dilan, Shanna for women and Amour (simply) or Aziz for men. Others can stir the heart, like Mano and Tam. Of course, it is impossible to talk about love without mentioning Aimé (e), a beautiful mixed name from the Latin amare meaning “love”. You can also choose a name that honors goddesses or gods in mythology, such as Venus or Eros.

Find out our selection of first names for women and men that symbolize love.

Names of women who arouse love

It’s beautiful retro name means “who is loved” in Latin.

This name means “love” in Japanese.

It means “love child” in Japanese.

In Latin, this name means “dear to someone, beloved”. This is common in English -speaking countries.

The first name Darlène comes from the English word expensive, which means “expensive”. It means “very much loved”.

This name means “love” in Turkish. It can also be written Dillan, Dilane, Dilhan or Dylane.

In Arabic origin, Habiba means “beloved, generous”.

In Sanskrit origin, this name means “love, desire”.

Loona is the first name of Germanic origin whose meaning is nothing but love.

The English diminutive of Amandine, Mandy means “who is loved” in Latin.

This mixed name is very popular. In feminine, Noa means “love” in Japanese.

In Sanskrit origin, Priya means “who is loved, beloved”.

In Hebrew origin, Shanna also means “love” in the Comoros.

In Tahitian, it means “the goddess of love who acts at night”. It’s a unique female name, worn by less than 100 people in France.

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love.

Male names inspired by love

This non -epicene mixed first name means “who is loved” in Latin.

Amour is a given name of Arabic and Latin origin.

In Arabic origin, it means “beloved, precious, powerful”.

This first name of Hebrew origin means “beloved”.

David means “beloved, beloved” in Hebrew.

The name Davor comes from the Hebrew word “daoud” which literally means “loved by God”. However, its Slavic etymology gives it the meaning of love.

Son of Aphrodite, Eros is the god of love in Greek mythology.

In Hawaiian, this name literally means “kind lover”. In Thai, it means “heart”, “mind”.

Milan is gradually entering the most famous first names in France. In Slavic origin, it means “loved by the people”.

In Vietnamese, this first name is translated as “center, heart”.

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