Why do dogs need more attention than cats?

Do you always wonder why dogs are more friendly when cats seem to be more independent and carefree? This is because unlike the latter, the former are more “social animals” and are more difficult to do without a partner. Descriptions of the “Grand bien vous faire” program.

Why do dogs need more attention than cats? © Getty / RA Kearton’s Photos

“Dogs and cats”!

At the microphone of Ali Rebeihi, veterinarian and journalist Hélène Gateau, journalist and promoter of “L’Animal & l’Homme” Yolaine de la Bigne and historian Eric Baratay came to remind us that if the dogs and cats are also attractive in the eyes of their master. , “they can’t”. Unlike the dog which is a “social and sociable creature”, the cat, if it remains sociable and loving in its own way, it is clear that it does not have to stay in contact with what is around. living his life as a cat.

“The dog is a social animal”

  • The need to feel the love of his master

At the core of this relationship, trust between the owner and the dog is very important for the happiness of the latter. Hélène Gateau explains that “a positive relationship with his master is the main guarantee of a dog’s development, where he can develop frustration that is detrimental to his own health. More than ours. animal, he considers himself a companion “.

  • The dog is not made to be left alone

The veterinarian recalled that scientific studies were done on this topic: “for the development of the dog, it is not good to leave him alone from 9 am to 6 pm every day. Tired of not paying attention to him. with any real attention, when he is full of energy, ready for a long walk.This will affect his overall well-being.

In fact, it is estimated that you will not leave your dog for more than four or five hours alone.

This is the right amount of time so that the dog does not suffer the loss of his master. If you can’t be with your dog during the day, there are many solutions today to keep him from being left alone, such as day care services, “dogsitters” that take him for walks and exercise. in the forest with d ‘other congeners’.

  • The need to meet peers

He also needs to socialize, play and get to know other dogs outside of his usual habitat. Ways to communicate specific to dog species, especially to share common senses and instincts.

A dog that can’t see other dogs is an even more miserable dog.

The cat is not a social animal

Having failed to be a social animal, Hélène Gateau explains that “the cat is nonetheless a social creature, who knows how to appreciate the contact of some of his congeners, maintain an emotional bond and human intimacy, even with a dog. likes to play, but the cat prefers to be alone most of the time without feeding even the slightest deficiency on that side “.

True, he has to express his natural needs, dig, fund, hide, hunt here and there, but he doesn’t have to interact socially.

History first socialized dogs

This socializing and sentimentalizing construct was also established much earlier than the cat. Before they enter homes, the two animals only serve to help people with basic life tasks. And where dogs have already begun to establish friendly relationships by pursuing the hunting interests of the game, cats have, in the long run, been put further behind, serving only in hunting. in rats that are likely to be damaged.

This explains, according to historian Eric Baratay, this gap between dogs and cats, especially when we look at the work of making breeds that developed earlier for dogs than for cats, the result of being closer to humans.


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