“we collapsed”

“We have gone through an unimaginable standard. Mura mig wala. I have a lot of work… I work in a factory. I have never been distracted ”, protested Celia. This supervisor of the Gérard-Philippe college in Cergy (Val d’Oise) went on strike this Thursday, April 14, as did some of his colleagues and teachers at this establishment, which is located between the city’s two priority districts.

A social movement independent of the election context between the two rounds, insisted the staff of this college on the REP (priority education network), which welcomes 630 students, according to figures from the rectorate. “Every day, supervisors take” fuck your mother “and there’s no reaction from our hierarchy. It’s a circus, it’s no longer teaching., remorseful, resentful, Christophe *, a young teacher who took his first position in this college at the beginning of the school year. The striking personalities protested against what they experienced as an abandonment of part of their hierarchy.

Complaints and attacks

The last serious incident took place on Monday, April 11. Célia, the young 21-year-old supervisor, was threatened by several young people, some of whom, who were not college educated, illegally entered the establishment. “The next morning, I asked a student to come to class and stop making noise. He refused and I rubbed his shoulder. At 5 p.m., five people, some of them from outside the college, attacked me in the hall. “said Celia.The student in question was also there, a little, even if he also insulted me. I was threatened by young people to strike, that if I did it again, it would have many repercussions for me. My fellow guards were eventually able to evict them. I have to go out the back door of the college to get my car ”by Celia Marianne.

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“But since then, this student is still in the establishment. Management explained to me that I had to do this, which I would never accept. I was very worried. I am close to school. I was afraid of myself. I was in danger of being carried away by outside work, by people I didn’t know. ”, the supervisor continued. He filed a complaint on Wednesday, April 13 for “repeated threats of violence and trespassing on a school yard”.

Célia also sought functional protection, which obliges the administration to protect her, to provide her with legal assistance and to repair the damage suffered. Contacted by Marianne, the rectorate of the Versailles Academy ensured that the student concerned did not take part in the attack, thus justifying the loss of the penalties taken against him. What was strongly opposed by the supervisor and his colleagues.

“No reaction”

“What upsets us is the lack of reactions and punishments made in the face of the accumulation of incidents. That’s what makes the situation unbearable.”, storm Christophe, which has noticed a clear deterioration in the security situation since the beginning of the school year, to the detriment of students and the educational body. The staff interviewed reported the case to one of their colleagues, threatened up to the door of his apartment by a ninth grade student. Or to college students who enjoy making flamethrowers with deodorant, targeting other students and adults, who don’t have enough permission according to them.

“Last week, at a parent-teacher meeting, the father of a student who stopped being named colleagues, threatened to arrest them by the people of town, if he could not get an appointment with them. a gentleman with no codes, I’m sure his words went beyond what he thought. We didn’t have any feedback from the follow-up hierarchy it provided. My colleagues were really scared “said Marie *, a teacher for several years at the establishment, who had also recently sought functional protection.

The rectorate was furious, with no consolation

In this regard, the rectorate claims to have “Takes the full measure of the climate of the Gérard-Philippe college”. It announced the construction “a new protocol for school life, from May 9, with a two-week follow-up of incidents and penalties, a new management of delays, absenteeism, and organizing the work of students who are not included or retained “.

Steps that do not satisfy teachers. “The so-called new proposed protocol is already in place but not in use. In addition, the date of May 9 seems too late for us because we have alerted the administration since returning from the All Saints holidays in a situation that is even more dangerous. The facts show that management has not “taken the full measure” of the seriousness of the incidents in which its staff have been victims for a long time “notify the striking personnel of Marianne.

“You go to the trash”

“No one wants to step here because it is dangerous and there are setbacks. The problem is not the students. If they are framed, accompanied and allowed, they will fit the mold ”, believes Marie, who taught at other establishments, before arriving at Gérard-Philippe. In an internal survey, conducted in the 2020-2021 school year, college staff estimated 92.3% that the rules of procedure were more bad or poorly used. 67.3% of those surveyed observed “most” college violence. The situation, very difficult 20 years ago – according to the testimony of some teachers – has improved, before deteriorating again in recent years.

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“When I did my training, I was told:“ you go to the trash. ”The problem was that in Gérard-Philippe, a student told himself that he would not be fired because he was in college where all of which are no longer included elsewhere.We need to rethink the penalties in schools and not just in Gérard-Philippe.testified a young supervisor, in the post since the start of the school year in September.

“I think we really need to speed up the enforcement of sanctions, and even the systematization of exclusions by accounting for civil society. A youth who is not included should not be a house prisoner. schools need to partner with associations to support them ”continued this supervisor. “In principle, there are eight of us but we are always short of staff. Every week people moan. Two weeks later, I had to take sick leave. I spend my time screaming, I can’t stand it anymore “he insisted.

“The consequence of accumulated penny-pinching”

Gérard-Philippe’s college is burdened with a huge debt, due to the robbery of a former accountant. “The college budget is very limited. We have no way of schooling, which has to be done only within a radius of one kilometer, to avoid the cost of transportation. Some colleagues have not been able to photocopy since February, as their quota has been exhausted. It seems anecdotal but it is very symbolic. How do they do the job? »testified Christophe, the young teacher.

“We are in the process of maintaining” no wave “. But violence in establishments is a context. Without enough material, the quality of the course will suffer and the class will be more difficult to manage. This is the result of all that collections imposed on us “, analyzes Mathieu Moreau, member of CGT education in Val-d’Oise, who teaches at another establishment. In recent weeks, his union has alerted to a security breach in some of the department’s schools, without any specific climate feedback at Gérard-Philippe college in Cergy.

“We’re all planning to leave there”

At the start of the next school year, a new college will open in Cergy. Teachers fear that because of the redrawing of the school map, the social mix will disappear. “We also risk going to 29 or 30 students per class while we’re at REP”, Christophe worried. The rectorate determined, however, that it ensured “with serious attention, that the school’s new map allows for continued mixing within the establishment. Services can be very attentive to any request for exemption..

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“I was so scared because next year, we all planned to move there because we couldn’t survive anymore. We need support and reaction when there is a problem ”Mary warned. “None of us plan to stay next year. A colleague resigned yesterday. If I stay, it’s just because I know I’ll have a hard time finding a new job two months before the holiday. “, added Celia. Everyone hopes to break free from the isolation where they feel immersed.

* At their request, the first names of these establishment staff were changed.

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