TOP Manga book April 2022 (2/2): Black Box, Sex Education 120%, etc.

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– Posted on 15 Apr 2022 at 11:00

We have arrived on April 15. While some are on vacation tonight, others have to wait a week before they can enjoy it. But encouragement! Here’s our selection of manga not to miss at the end of April!

The second part of season 4 on The attack on the Titans just finished, but it’s not the end! At least not yet, because the third part was announced earlier this month! And even if we wait until 2023 to figure out the end of this anime adaptation, the catalogs on the anime streaming platform are filled with novelties.

This is also the case with the manga part, because the publishers are always offering us new things. This is especially the case with Kaze Manga who had just flirted the arrival of Dandadan in its catalog without giving an exact date. And on the upcoming return to JapanExpothe publishers have already begun to prepare us a particularly interesting schedule of outings !

Black Box T01 in Pika Edition – Released April 20, 2022

The first volume of Black Box will be released on April 20 in bookstores.

Is the name Takahashi Tsutomu familiar to you? Sure. In France, the mangaka is known in the series high in the sky, Sidooh or Keeper of the Soulall three are in Panini. Well the author is back, this time on Pika Edition with his manga Black Box, a short six -volume series. And it’s on April 20 that the first volume of Black Box, a sports manga centered on… boxing. But beyond the central theme, above all ideas are received through the manga -focused extension. In fact, the nature of Black Box, Ryoga Ishida, was part of a “family of murderers”, who imprisoned his father and brother for murder. Despite his boxing talent, Ishida was picked by the media who also suspected him of being a killer. But that doesn’t stop the young man from fighting his desire.

why do we love BlackBox? Many sports manga are available, and some have even become classics. Clearly we are thinking slam dunk or Captain Tsubasa. However, none of the heroes of these titles have fallen victim to his family, nor have been associated with any kind of blasphemy. And unlike these heroes, Ishida, he has no right to even the slightest wrong move, he should not be reprimanded to avoid any quick media mixing. Black Box is a deep, but especially dark manga that reveals a part of society that we prefer to ignore. However, it is a title that can weaken some of our social prejudices that we find difficult to eliminate. Other politicians should also read this, they may open their eyes to these things they cannot see.

Mashle T08 by Kazé Manga – Released April 20, 2022


Volume 8 of Mashle is scheduled for April 20.

It Mashle returned this month to release its eighth volume! For those who live in the cave and do not yet know, Mashle is one of the great novelties from Kaze Manga in 2021. Released early last year, the title brings a real breath of fresh air to our manga library! In Japan, the manga now has about ten volumes. However, if you haven’t started this series yet, the eighth volume should be a chance to check things out! In fact, while Mashle participated in the Triwizard Tournament equivalent of Harry Potter, unexpected revelations raise important questions! Already guarded by the Bureau of Magic, now Mashle will be the son of a wizard named Zero!

This eighth may be the end of a narrative arc and the opening of the rest of the story in Mashle. Actually, this manga has a lot of stuff in store and it’s just great! Next door, in Saitama A Fist Man, published in France by Kurokawahave the most holy life!

Mon Coloc ‘is a Gameuse T02 by Delcourt/Tonkam – Released April 20, 2022

My Gamer Companion

Mon Coloc est une Gameuse is a new title from Delcourt/Tonkam that is a much more interesting book.

In February 2022 the publisher Delcourt/Tonkam published the first volume of the manga My roommate is a gamer. In Japan, the title, pre-published since 2015 on Young Gang, has eight volumes. And like many titles, KINDAICHI Renjûrô’s manga is interested in the world of video games. But not just any theme. My Gamer Companion interested in the social aspect of video games. In fact, this new manga is from the catalog Delcourt/Tonkam immerses us in the daily lives of Powder and Goro, two players Dragon Quest X Online. During a conversation, Powder, a female character played by a man, offers Goro, a male character played by a woman, to come and live with his roommate. The problem is that both players are convinced that they are dealing with someone of the same sex.

why do we love Is My Partner a Gamer? If, like a large portion of the population, you play video games, you’ve probably already played an online game and therefore played with other players. That’s good, it’s the central environment of the story My Gamer Companion. But most of all we received ideas, based on the avatars of other players, put forward. In fact, the two main characters, Powder and Goro, are convinced that they are dealing with someone of the same sex as them. But the discovery of reality confuses Powder, a young man who is never comfortable with the feminine gender. Except he proposes Goro, a male avatar played by a player, to come and live with him. This big life change will cause ridiculous situations and willpower challenge the many preconceptions we see as players. More than funny scenes, My Gamer Companion above all a title that calls for an open mind to differences, but also a lack of trust in appearances. And that’s good! We need more of this kind of title that makes it possible to fight against misogyny, poisonous masculinity in all its gentleness and humor!

Shangri -La Frontier T04 in Glénat – Released April 20, 2022

Shangri La Frontier

Volume 4 of the Shangri-La Frontier will hit bookstores on April 20th.

Shangri La Frontierit is new from Glenat miaging tinglarag. Three volumes are already in bookstores and a fourth is about to be released. as My Gamer Companion, Shangri La Frontier there is a strong interest in the world of video games. It is also closer to Overlord, Sword Art Online than the title to the house Delcourt/Tonkam. Kay yes, Shangri La Frontier is it called a isekai. To those who do not know, theisekai is a subgenre of Japanese fantasy in which the main character is transferred, sometimes even trapped or reincarnated in another universe. It could be a parallel universe, as is the case with Mushoku Tensei: No WorkReincarnationor a video game, as it is for Shangri La Frontier.

In the case of Shangri La Frontier, the main character, Sunraku, has unusual tastes in video games because he is passionate about “dung”, these video games are full of bugs, whose scenario is shaky, or not ‘ y anyone who succeeds to finish. However, he may eventually be interested Shangri La Frontier, a GOAT with 30 million subscribers. But from the beginning of the adventure, things were not as simple as Sunraku thought. Because yes, playing with a GOAT doesn’t mean boring, on the contrary.

Sex Education 120% T03 in Ototo Manga – Released April 29, 2022

Sex Education 120%

Sex Education is 120% more than a manga in three volumes that talks about female happiness. This is a manga that has, or at least read that deals with a theme that society has made taboo.

Sex Education 120% a short series, in 3 volumes, which included the catalog of Ototo Manga in September 2021. If the title is unfamiliar to you, that’s normal. Despite its great potential, the series is relatively cautious on the shelves of bookstores. However, like The men run the Riot at home in Akata, Sex Education 120% facing a theme that is often neglected, even taboo. As its title suggests, the manga really does respond sex education. And not just anything because it’s a woman’s point of view, and for once, it’s good to feel!

why do we love Sex Education 120%? Although in recent years, we have observed a demystification of female happiness occurring, the more entertaining media such as comics or manga do not mention the subject much. But this is what our literary landscape lacks. Sex Education 120% The problem is correctly answered because the duo of authors, for whom this is the first title, offer a story that examines female sex education. And there is no jealousy, whether you are hetero, homo or bi, it is sex education in the broadest sense intended. Especially since, unlike other heavy books, Sex Education 120% offers us characters full of humor, very attractive. Sex Education 120% so apil The men run the Riot among the manga that should be there, that we should read, to feel more comfortable with topics that society has made completely taboo.

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