Olena and her two daughters, from Ukraine to Amilly, but without their pets

A few weeks later, Corinne Diette and Patrick Cerceau were far from imagining that from the two in their Amilly home, they would move up to five, and that.Olena, Yelyzaveta, are named Liza, and Victoria come into their lives.

The couple, hurt and touched by this war that finally took place very close to France, did not hesitate for long. “Yes, maybe an hour!” by Patrick. “Seeing these pictures in the news, we can’t sit on our beds, with nothing to do. We have registered on a website to welcome refugees to Ukraine. And fifteen days later, we received a call from the municipality of Montargis to find out if we want to welcome a mother, her two daughters, a dog and a catCorinne added with a laugh.

The emergency: find a way to bring the little dog

With the politeness, in a soft voice, of the French he had learned a few years ago in Quebec, Olena, 40, recounts the bombings in her town, about forty kilometers from Kyiv, houses were destroyed, schools and public buildings were destroyed, the occupants of his building took refuge in the basement. Olena, Liza, 14, and Victoriaia, 11, remained hiding for five days in this cellar where they brought Jackie, their little ginger dog, and Claudine, the cat.

And when the mother, a general practitioner by profession, made the decision to hide her daughters and take the bus to France, she didn’t last long:

“The dog and the cat are family members. We have to find the transportation boxes; it’s hard, especially for Jackie not to fit in the cat box. I went to all the stores, it didn’t. We can put it in a big bag, along with our stuff. They are family members, yes, and too small part of our house. “

Her husband, also a doctor, remains in Ukraine. “The hospital was bombed, they were under tents …”, Olena recounted.

“I also want to stay, because Ukraine is my country. But when the city was flooded, I understood I had to leave.”

Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by Olena, Liza and Victoria at the town hall in Montargis. Like Jackie and Claudine. The difficulty, however, is finding a family that is likely to accept dogs and cats.

Corinne and Patrick, along with Orage, the Bernese mountain dog, Rafale, the Malinois, and Loulou the sacred Birman

For Corinne and Patrick, there again, no doubt, though at home there were already two dogs, Orage, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and Rafale, the Malinois, a cat, Loulou, the Holy Burmese, about chickens and horses. “Orage and Rafale are very sociable. I never doubted it would be okay“, said Patrick. “The boss of the family now, by the way, is Jackie”he recounted, pointing to the little dog who was, frankly, less comfortable with strangers.

“At first he kept yelling at me. Now it’s okay.”

After a month of living, everyone found their marks. Olena had to join groups at a hospital center in the Montargo area. “Maybe as an assistant, at first. If I can help … The people here are hospitable and generous. The town halls of Montargis and Amilly are also a big help to us “, he insisted. Liza, Ukrainian taekwondo champion and 54th in the world in her category, happily returned to training and competitions within the US Châlette Taekwondo. This April 25, Victoria and she will make their first comeback with Amilly.

A Ukrainian family greeted Boynes: “We didn’t have a bomb in our house but we felt it was approaching”

Patrick and Corinne have one assurance: their guests, and their two cats and feline companions, will stay as long as they want: “It will be a month, six months, longer, whatever. . Our house remained open. It’s a good flow of life, everything is very natural ”, Patrick concluded.

Pascale Auditeau

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