Mutual assistance: the key to good orientation in Limoux

Student volunteers from Jacques-Ruffié high school used their final years of high school for the benefit of the youngest for a week, in early April, dedicated to their orientation. Health and entrepreneurship professionals joined them to discuss their journeys.

When students are asked about their future direction, their ideas are often unclear or guided by those around them or even taken directly from their favorite saga. This is why a forum is led by professional speakers and young people involved. It aims to inform second-level students in a more complete and personal way. It was an opportunity to offer local and current resources to high school students and to increase exchanges and testimonials. On this occasion, they are provided with tools to detect and resist bullying at school and in any professional environment or even with resources to participate in community life, universal national service, civic service or even internally. in high school at the High School Life Council. Meetings of health professionals, confirming their journey and recalling the role of the Departmental House of Solidarity and the Place of Hearing and resources for families, were accompanied by concrete testimonials from entrepreneurs from Face Aude club.

New, 1st and final high school students become “ ambassadors “their sectors or specialties are also available.

It should be noted that the 2018 general baccalaureate reform replaced the system of Scientific, Literary and Economic or Social streams of “ specialty lessons “or EDS. So, at the end of the second year, each student chooses three EDS, one of which will be dropped at the end of the first year. And we can be honest, most of the second year students are gone.

As ambassadors, we were able to share our experience to enlighten our colleagues on the inside of each course and its outlets. We are surprised at the students ’lack of understanding of these subjects, which are sometimes new to them. “Explain Elora Biard, Dalia Kalfat, Emma Desveaux. It must be said that some of them have an acronym that is incomprehensible to the eyes of students. : “ But, the HGGSP, history-geo only, no ? “asked one student. The students continued:”Our task is to explain that this teaching encompasses geopolitics and political science and therefore addresses contemporary issues. ; this student has no idea. And what about “ HPL “,” LLCE “o” NSI ? On the strength of our experience, in addition to describing the topics we face, we have worked to prevent stereotypes that are still well anchored and to establish links between these teachings and the courses of high education..

These days of discussion are beneficial to everyone. Professors accompanied these ambassadors to shed light on their sometimes lesser known teachings. First and final year students were able to share ” their learning “within the EDS while the latter, smarter, are now more able to choose. Parents, who are now promoted by their own child, find it easier for them to follow his or her course. Like what, there is no value in those students ’experience to enlighten others.

The smooth running of this week’s orientation was directly linked to the mobilization of many professionals, who voluntarily joined this initiative by Nathalie Liez, psychologist at National Education, former guidance counselor. : Mr. Bonaventure and Mrs. Soussan of the Universal National Service, Ms. Gilhodes, M. Cute and Mrs. Peleato is a former high school student, in the Departmental House of Solidarity, Mr. Paunet from the Carcassonne Information and Orientation Center, Mr. Cabie and Mrs. Gilles de Face Aude, Mrs. Belkhir and Mr. Guibbert de la Faol and finally, Mrs. Laroche in Acti City. Of course, the participation of the school’s teachers and nurse, Domitille Carre, newly installed at Ruffié high school, is decisive.

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