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A total of sixteen volumes, for Japanese publication eight years and French seven: here is a remarkable longevity for an erotic title that goes to the end of its subject, never deviate from it, while competing with the imagination so as not to fall. into the routine. So, even if the conclusion finally offers little surprise and opts for a semi-open ending, we can’t blame the manga for not keeping the promises made at the start of his series.

Let’s remember the topic one last time: upon arriving at the university, Terumi met his aunt Kaoruko, a researcher of classical literature in The Story of Genji. He plans to use her in his research so that he can follow in the footsteps of the hero of the novel and thus make him a cheater, while women have been afraid of him since the bullying happened in college. To do this, Terumi has to seduce 14 women, like The Story of Genji“targets” chosen by his aunt.

A story of romantic and sexual education, Terumi goes every year, even harder at first, being close to many young women, losing her virginity and gradually gaining experience. He becomes a person who is able to understand and respond to the desires of what he seeks, but most of all he discovers that these desires can take many forms and that a night out doesn’t mean much. love, even with women. .

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Chosen by Kaoruko, these adventures are divided into two main categories: experienced and older women, enjoying this little young man who tried to seduce them, and young women of Terumi’s age, no experience, seeking to lose their virginity. , not necessarily interested in a love story. Although later, some may still be associated with our hero, they quickly understand that he really loves someone else.

In the thirteenth encounter, Akashi the prophet, whose story ends at the beginning of this volume, we find ourselves in this situation: our hero succeeds in showing him the superiority of the work of the two compared to the solitary pleasures. They love each other but Akashi’s cards reveal to him that Terumi’s heart belongs to the other. And to bring the point home, our hero accidentally crosses over to Yuu, his seventh target who has been with him for a while, telling him the same thing, revealing to him that for this reason he left him in time.

So everyone comes together for the “final confrontation” between Terumi and Kaoruko, who has clearly become our hero’s 14th and final target. Their teacher-student relationship, with the smell of prohibition, will it change into something else? And most of all, has our hero already gained enough experience and self -confidence to finally be able to react to his reaction, he who seems invulnerable to any kind of emotion and excitement?

© 2012 Minori Inaba / SHUEISHA / Soleil Manga

A top-notch dance of the flesh that plays to the expectations of Terumi and readers, even though it offers some new experiences for the young man. Minori Inaba thus going to the end of the logic of his series, by realizing the fantasy of his hero, but nevertheless leaving us with a partially open end. In fact, in this part of the story, there is no confirmation even if everyone seems to go to the fulfillment of this forbidden love.

A denouement that remains to be interpreted by the reader, but a story that ends all the same on Terumi’s positive note that overcomes his old neuroses. We can only regret, as always happens, a quick conclusion that leaves little room for secondary characters even when the requirements are stated, with some nice arousals here and there.

Our final opinion on Love Instruction – How to Be a Cheater so unchanging from what we wrote through our columns: a title with colorful, subtle and well -thought -out content, with writing as elegant and good as its graphics, devoted to painting the pictures of very different women, with desires that are just as specific, and with a hero who has learned to understand and meet their expectations. In short: an initiative act of seduction, convincing and fun, playing on clichés, but also very didactic.

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