Love Actually, love lessons from the movie

Be yourself from the start of a new relationship

You can speak from the first meeting. Like when Natalie lost all her resources against the Prime Minister.

After floating a few swear words under tension he was simply embarrassed.

However, it is at this precise moment that the character played by Hugh Grant falls under his spell.

Be yourself, the key to meeting in love ? At least that’s what Colin thought. The “sex god” he likes to call himself is sure of his possessions.

Even if those close to him consider him a loser in relatively heavy comedies, Colin knows he’ll end up. find love.

And he was right, than when he came to the United States, 3 Americans loved his little English accent.

Being single is not the end of the world

on Love Really all the characters want to be loved. Sometimes they forget that there are many forms of love.

When Billy found out he was number one on the charts on his single, Christmas is all around youhe only imagined the number of women he would put in his bed.

Throughout his life he believed that success and the praise of others would make him happy. On Christmas Eve, he finally realized that thelove of his life none other than his best friend, his manager.

One who has always supported him, even in the most difficult times. So we stopped complaining about being single and realized how lucky we were to be surrounded by people who loved us.

You never know when love will fall on us

When Jack and Judy met on set to do movie star nude stunt doubles, they didn’t expect love at first sight. And yet!

Who would have thought that Jamie, after surprising his wife in his brother’s arms, would find love in the south of France with a woman who couldn’t speak the same language to him?

As Hugh Grant said nicely at the opening of the film: “Love is everywhere. As we reassure ourselves, he knocks on our door.

Love sometimes takes great courage

And not the little Sam would say otherwise. In addition to learning the drums to impress her beauty, she didn’t hesitate to force the security of an airport for her. confess how he feels.

Declarations of love are also a good classic in Love Actually. It’s impossible to forget the scene of the signs with Mark or the marriage proposal by Jamie in Portuguese on Christmas Eve.

Some might say it’s all a bit silly, but talk about love and exposing yourself is harder than you think.

Those who dare will not regret it. The feelings of the loved one are reciprocated or not. In the first case we jump for joy and enjoy the moment. In the second, we had to cash in, but at least we had recovered.

Always confess how you feel to the people you love

As Daniel forces Sam to confess his feelings to the talented Joanna, he tells her that he wants her to be able to say I love you to her mom always. Valuable advice. We don’t know what’s going to happen in life, so we have to do it.

Sarah lost two years of her life before daring to talk to Karl and realize that he loved her too.

And although we know that a love is impossible, confessing how you feel can be liberating. Like Mark, who has finally moved on to something else, quietly expressing to Juliet what has been in her heart for many years.

Love is sometimes complicated

When Sarah finally confesses to Karl her feelings, that they are reciprocated and that they will finally start their nice love story, he was bound by his obligations. Her sick brother was her priority.

In life, love doesn’t always fall at the right time. Even if this situation is more brutal, we need to accept it in order to continue.

Another scenario, sometimes in a relationship we give everything, we pay attention, we take care of the other and yet we end up being betrayed.

Jamie would never have imagined that his wife would betray him to her own brother. While Karen is far from thinking that her husband is the type of guy to sleep with his secretary.

Even if at first a relationship seems bad, it is impossible to know how it will develop. Every couple goes through adversity, some overcome it, some don’t.

If in Love The truth isn’t a fairy tale love every day, it really is too.

A love story doesn’t have to be a fairy tale to be magical

Judy and Jack double down on the cinema for nude scenes. A profession that one thinks is suitable for an evening stand. Not for the shy two they are Judy and Jack.

With them, there are no big flaming declarations of love or frenzied sex scenes. They spent their time, getting to know each other before start their relationship.

The night of theirs first date, Jack accompanied Judy to his mother, he did not dare to kiss her. He would then take the lead and simply tell her, “I want Christmas more than you. »

Love is beautiful when it is simple.

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