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Love is everywhere, unpredictable, incomprehensible, invincible. He would hit if he wanted to and often, it would hurt …
For the new British Prime Minister, he will take on the beautiful form of a young collaborator.
For the grieving writer who has taken refuge in the south of France, he comes out of a lake.
She turned away from this woman who, living a purring married life, suddenly suspected her husband of thinking otherwise.
She was hiding behind the pretenses of this close friend who would have wanted to be something other than a witness to her beloved’s wedding.
For this widow and her son-in-law, for this young woman who worships her partner, love is the stake, the goal, but also the source of countless complications.
On this Christmas Eve in London, these lives and love will intersect, fight with each other and face each other …

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“Love Actually” is just a sequel to many love stories with no interest, no charms, and most of all unbelievable. It’s hard to hang up, or feel anything but tired of these short, rarely ridiculous sequences. The only unique thing about this predictable film from the first minute is that it manages to wrap a lot of romances into one film that doesn’t succeed in delivering a …

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In London, a few days before Christmas, couples form and express their love! This choral film that mixes multiple stories is the screenwriter’s first production of the mythical “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill”. With a four-star cast, “Love Actually” connects hilarious sequences (Hugh Grant as a blundering clone of Tony Blair, which satisfies us with a few dance moves in “For My Love “in Pointers …

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Very magical yet! An ideal film about love and Christmas! We laughed, we felt sorry, we were touched. Nagdamgo mi !! We believe in Christmas and its miracles; o) I love this movie: the links between all the characters, who know each other or cross paths in one way or another, the music accompanying each scene, the good feelings are unattainable. in the fall of sentimentality, the actors (choosing from the best …

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A friendly and original comedy, with crossed paths that all address the same theme, which is Love. Nice cast with funny scenes. After all, the whole thing sometimes seems a bit long and lacking in depth.

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Nice business card

Love actually has a nice business card. Already a beneficiary of a high-flying cast, the feature film is directed by Richard Curtis, screenwriter of three feature films that deliver romantic comedy to letters of greatness: Four weddings and a funeral, Love and first sight of Notting Hill and The Diary by Bridget Jones.

Love says Richard Curtis

Director Richard Curtis, who has written three of the most popular romantic comedies in recent years, gets a specific vision of love from it: “I examine the works of love, what holds it back, what threatens or produces it. kind of experience it, a certain way of life. When I look around me, I first see people looking for, chasing each other, separating from each other and sometimes , his
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Lots of stories, a real theme

Unlike his previous feature films, Richard Curtis proposes, with Love for Real, to evoke the romantic fate of nearly twenty main characters through several stories that intertwine in the course of the narrative. The director explained that he wanted to realize that “in the same second, the noble and the ridiculous shoulders, trust and betrayal.
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  • Rudy66

    A movie to watch, but personally, there are so many different stories that really connect to each other. With too fast, not enough development, we can’t feel the magic of the usual romantic comedies.Only the story between Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon appealed to me a little, but very little to add to my overall rating. 2.5/5

  • jeckxdeel

    He was definitely talking about Julia Roberts!

  • Mark P.

    I wanted to fill a gap by watching Scott Pilgrim … but I really didn’t like it. In my opinion, we are more inclined to American teenmoovie than purely British. Well, I stopped after 10 min. I have to force myself to go to the end ….

  • Frank Castle

    It’s very special, isn’t it? it made me love and hate this film at the same time, in the romantic comedy genre with a British sauce, I would recommend Scott Pilgrim as a must

  • Greg A.

  • Greg A.

    It’s a movie full of clichés, limit to that sometimes .. but what the hell is it good !! All the stories are compelling, even the almost untouchables, the famous casting works wonderfully, the soundtrack is amazing .. a film full of good feelings and hope, a film that simply feels! And never fall for ridicule despite its flaws! Great “guilty pleasure”

  • Lewis Alley

    You, on the other hand, have time to waste.

  • Mark P.

    I just watched it and I totally agree with you.second plan.On the other hand, I enjoy acting in this amazing cast and this amazing English humor.A romantic Christmas comedy that never falls into pathos!

  • Frank Castle

    There are a lot of clichés about love and marriage in the film, and there are so many story lines that some feel like they’ve just been skimmed (like Martin Freeman or Keira Knightley) or aren’t a decent one. conclusion, but that’s it. honestly, in addition to the 5-star cast, British humor is so effective and makes us laugh sincerely. A good rom-com, but one that doesn’t try to deconstruct the genre or take it a step further

  • pancakes

    You don’t see the passage of time, however.

  • seifer197

    Not too bad but I was expecting better, I watched the movie the whole way and so … I wasn’t carried away by the story or knew there was a character that for me was always fast! Very great quality cast is what makes the whole movie anything impossible Neeson I don’t see him as a good actor and his relationship with the little kid is silly and impossible … Close to the holiday the film gets a little + and Nighly and Grant are very good, 3/5

  • dino Velvet.

    I looooooooooooooooore ….. long live the love

  • jessica_albertini

    My review of this film that I had to write a few weeks ago was moderated! (I realized this when I saw an acronym in red for “my collection” at the top of this film ….. Allociné told me that my review had been withdrawn and I no longer had the right to write this mini film at most little criticism according to what my file shows …. where are we in the former USSR ??? since when allociné able to withdraw criticism that is not insulting or racist, but that only gives a definite opinion of the unbearable turnip I got to watch ?! By doing so, it’s no surprise that the film ended up with such a high rating!

  • salima D.

  • nina.k

    Great movie !!! To watch and change at Christmas time, at, with friends or family.

  • dino Velvet.

    you madeal mistake … very endearing movie …. colin is funny as unlucky flirt …. nice soundtrack …

  • Makeal

    One of those rare movies that I didn’t finish until the end … Plus with no content, I never got hooked .. I recommend it

  • Clara Sandri

    Very touching film. According to the film, not only romantic love is there, but also friendly love, parental love and so on. We see these different types of “love through different stories and different characters as attractive as each other. A good movie to watch is ideal for Christmas

  • cornelia34280

    I haven’t seen this movie yet. Thanks for your comment because I love watching this 😃😃

  • AlexX_

    Very nice movie, innocent and adorable. As the title suggests “Love is really (all around)” may be a simple thing or word, but each of these stories can touch in its own way. We had fun. A little world of joy in this movie. It feels great to escape for over two hours in a universe like this. Good look! 🙂

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