Emmanuel Macron’s program of Education, a copy-paste of LR’s proposals? “The photocopier drooled”, Max Brisson laughed

Find more, but on the condition of teaching more. Emmanuel Macron presented his re-election program Thursday, during a press conference on the river. And as announced in his Letter to the French, in which he formalized his candidacy for his replacement on March 3, he intends to make the school one of the main projects for a second five-year term. Emmanuel Macron has promised to invest 12 million euros in Education and Youth. He seeks to establish “a new agreement for teachers”, which will mean the start of his term in office through extensive consultation at the national level with “all stakeholders”. The goal: to define the framework for increasing the salaries of teachers. Emmanuel Macron, however, indicated that it would be done on the basis of “new missions”. Instead of a general increase, as suggested by some presidential candidates such as Anne Hidalgo, the Head of State wants to link the increase in salaries to the implementation of specific educational missions, for example the replacing a left partner, participating in extracurricular life or an investment in individual follow-up of students.

A teaching concept inspired by the business world

Another key step: strengthening the autonomy of establishments, with the possibility that directors “will challenge the profiles (of teachers) and participate in the recruitment decision of others.” We are facing a republican departure. model in favor of an Anglo-Saxon entrepreneurial model “, criticized Public Senate Pierre Ouzoulias, communist senator from Hauts-de-Seine, also vice-president of the Committee on Culture, Education and Communication. This elected official pointed out to establish an accounting logic determined by profit factors. “We have a tendency to make the head of the establishment a business leader, because a leader is made to be a leader”, he laments.

Emmanuel Macron also sought to make public the results of the national evaluations organized by CP, CE1, 6th and second, by building but also by class, to “see what support methods and teaching practices are. “, to be identified and disseminated. “good deeds”. “The publication of the evaluations will give parents of students clues to put the establishments in competition”, continued Pierre Ouzoulias, In his eyes, the measure is undergoing a “reform of school sectorization without -as his name “, with the risk of” education. ghettoization. ” “The publication of these results is to give a rating to the establishments. And if you notice, it is to allow families to choose. What happens is that public schools are in trouble left to the richest families, in favor. in the private sector ”, argued this elected official, who also lamented“ the lack of measures of social diversity ”.

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“There is only one thing left for Emmanuel Macron to do: remove Senator Max Brisson as Minister of National Education”, still ironically Pierre Ouzoulias. “His program is similar to that of Valérie Pécresse, and everyone knows that Max Brisson is the originator of the education sector. After Jean-Michel Blanquer left office for five years in National Education, it is sad to see that the outgoing president fully copied the copy of the right.In fact, the autonomy of the establishments and the increase in the salaries of teachers who received additional assignments were included in the “presidential project” of former Minister of Higher Education Nicolas Sarkozy.Like the reintegration of mathematics into the common core, Emmanuel Macron also mentioned on Thursday.

White beanie, white beanie?

“We’re really watching this conference with … little surprise,” said one of Max Brisson’s colleagues. Senator LR made no secret of it, Thursday afternoon, “He was amazed to see how much Emmanuel Macron used the photocopier”. “But a photocopier spitting,” he insisted. He assured him that, if some steps are the same, the philosophy of the project is not the same. “By giving more autonomy to school leaders, Emmanuel Macron runs the risk of caporalisation of teaching staff. We are talking about giving more freedom to all teaching teams,” he said.

Regarding the publication of the results of national evaluations, a measure not visible to Valérie Pécresse, Max Brisson, like his colleague Pierre Ouzoulias, criticized a risk of “competition in establishments”. “Especially since we know that the conditions and quality of teaching also depend on the environment in which the establishment is located, and the methods available to staff.»

On the question of wages, the markdown, on the other hand, is more subtle. “Valérie Pécresse shows that teachers have already done a lot of things without being paid. There is wage standardization while the business itself is not uniform. With more missions, Emmanuel Macron still wants to load the boat. They are grateful “, trying to defend the chosen one. However, on closer examination, in the project of candidate LR, online on his campaign site, we read the following suggestion:” Increase the salary of teachers to start their career, those who receive additional missionss, who teach in remote rural areas or in particularly difficult establishments. »

“His promises are weighed down by balance”

Understandably, Emmanuel Macron’s program in terms of educational risks forces LR to do a difficult balancing task: to criticize a project that, in many steps, seems like two -thirds of the water to them. “We say in French two simple things: copying and pasting does not honor the person who did it, and preferring the original over the copy”, Max Brisson sweeps. “There is a big difference: the candidate has been in business for 5 years. In 2017, he was already talking about passing on basic knowledge and autonomy to establishments. In 2022, he also said the same thing. This is proof that he has failed , his promises are weighed down with balance, ”mocked this former inspector general of National Education.

He wanted proof of this in the information report he presented at the end of February with his colleagues Annick Billon (centrist) and Marie-Pierre Monier (PS), and looking back at the five years he spent Jean-Michel Blanquer rue de Grenelle. A severe assessment, focusing in particular on the lack of revaluation of the teaching profession, the hasty implementation of some reforms, or the lack of ways to support the duplication of major classes in the CE1 section. “This five -year term is also in circulars and vademecum to reduce the autonomy of establishments,” added Max Brisson, thus pointing to a contradiction in the announcements made on Thursday.

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Deepen apprenticeship reform

Last part of Education discussed by Emmanuel Macron on Thursday: vocational high school. The candidate wants to extend the apprenticeship reform launched in his first term, especially by “de-referencing” vocational training that is not “sufficiently qualified or does not lead to sustainable jobs”. Here again, Pierre Ouzoulias criticizes a neoliberal vision that has forgotten republican principles. “We are shifting to a completely utilitarian vision of knowledge and expertise, because we rely on the labor market to figure out what needs to be taught”, he laments. A brief vision further, because, according to this senator, the turmoil demanded by energy transfer and the decarbonization of our economy suggests a major change in the world of work. “We don’t know what the professions of tomorrow will be. On the contrary, we should focus on training as broadly as possible,” he said.

At this point Max Brisson criticizes the tenants of the Elysée for “allowing the world of work, business, controlling the avenues of professionalization, and not giving any space to communities, which are the guarantees of the whole interest “. In her program, Valérie Pécresse, who promotes the integration of vocational schools and business, really wants to hand over the management of the regions.

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