Education: the proposals of 2022 presidential candidates

Warn education. At once, almost all presidential candidates may find themselves in this need. Each in their own way of course. But this is not the time to make savings behind the National Education budget. Even Valérie Pécresse, the candidate who is proposing to cut most civilian duties, has proposed to recruit 10,000 teachers over her five -year term if she is elected. Another consequence, no doubt, of the health crisis, which brought light to the whole area occupied by the school of French society. Update on candidate programs.

Suggestions by Nathalie Arthaud

  • Rent most of the national education

The suggestions of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

  • Strengthen basic learning such as French in elementary school (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. per week)
  • Restore the BAC as it existed before the Blanquer reform
  • Increase teachers ’salaries by 20%, introduce a 20% bonus in exchange for teaching
  • Maintain free access to universities and all competitive examinations for higher education and access to Grandes Ecoles

Suggestions by Anne Hidalgo

  • Remove Parcoursup and create multiple areas of the most requested training courses
  • Create a “mixed plan” in each department to end the “college-ghettos” and redefine the school map
  • Raise teachers ’salaries to the level of executives starting with salary increases at the start of their careers
  • Launch the general state of pedagogy
  • Achieve 60% graduates for each higher education age group, compared to 38% today

Suggestions by Yannick Jadot

  • Replace Parcoursup with a more transparent system, creating 100,000 BTS and IUT sites for social, health and ecological transition professions
  • Open 10,000 teacher-researcher positions, allocate 1% of GDP to research by 2025
  • Create 65,000 school teaching positions
  • Entrust the development of school programs to an independent authority
  • Extend the sports pass for up to 20 years, invest 3 billion in the sport
  • Build practical knowledge such as planting, cooking, material repair, construction

Suggestions by Jean Lassalle

  • Offer a student loan of 20,000 euros
  • Provide a youth RSA to students undergoing training
  • Create intergenerational housing so students can find cheaper housing
  • Limit the number of students per class
  • Insist on basic knowledge
  • Make it compulsory to learn martial arts in elementary school
  • Opening up areas of high-demand training courses
  • Strengthen the teaching of regional languages ​​in schools

Suggestions by Marine Le Pen

  • Putting French, math and history back at the heart of the programs
  • Get baccalaureate reform
  • Elimination of “teaching of languages ​​and cultures of origin” (ELCO)
  • Increase teacher salary by 3% per year
  • Introduce elementary and middle school uniforms
  • Limit the number of students per class to 20 in primary, 30 in middle school

The suggestions of Emmanuel Macron

  • Adding math to the common core of lessons taught in high school
  • Provide more space for vocational high school and college businesses
  • “Decompartmentalize” the school by providing more resources, more salaries and more pedagogical independence to teachers
  • Generalize teaching computer code and digital equipment from 5th grade
  • Recruit 20,000 guides to help French people in need of it master digital tools
  • Improve Parcoursup by providing accurate results over previous years and by providing more support to families
  • Regulate youth access to social networks, by banning access to some of them by children and “young teenagers”.
  • Invest 25 billion euros over ten years in basic research

Suggestions by Jean-Luc Mélenchon

  • Take Parcoursup and guarantee university access for everyone
  • Back to the university registration fee increase set by Emmanuel Macron for foreign students
  • Introduce an autonomy allowance of 1063 euros for students and vocational high school students
  • Create a public scientific journal so that everyone has free access to publications and help with the emergence of major French-language journals
  • Provide a sports association in all elementary schools to make the practice professionally run, free and easily accessible
  • Integrating ecology into the school curriculum
  • Reduce enrollment to 19 students per class
  • Make learning to swim compulsory in schools

Suggestions by Valérie Pécresse

  • Career advancement of teachers
  • Create 5 -year education mission contracts. Regional recruitment and career management for young teachers
  • Create a National Digital School
  • Beginning of the second phase of university autonomy, to strengthen the quality of faculty and research on the international scene
  • Strengthen the lessons of the History of France and its republican principles in school
  • Plus teaching French and 2 hours per week and math and one hour
  • Introduce a 6th grade entrance exam
  • Aggression and insult to a teacher will systematically provide legal processes. (Minimum penalty for the student’s parent)
  • All establishments will be given more autonomy
  • Create public establishments under contract
  • Ensure total freedom of recruitment for teams in these establishments (target 10% of establishments contracted within 5 years)
  • Create a national education reserve (volunteer retired teachers for homework help from elementary to high school)
  • Create 10,000 teaching positions
  • Create a youth bank to fund studies. Reimbursement will then be deferred at the time of entering working life.
  • Create school reintegration structures with strengthened supervision for the most troubled students

Suggestions by Philippe Poutou

  • Limit the number of students per class to 20
  • Back to “national diplomas, starting with baccalaureate”
  • Deleting Parcoursup and choosing a university
  • The presence of bosses on the boards of directors of universities is prohibited
  • Prohibit video surveillance and the presence of high school security guards
  • Create at least 100,000 civil servant positions

Suggestions by Fabien Roussel

  • Returning to a common baccalaureate, recognizing it as a national diploma guarantees access to a course of choice in higher education. Take the Parcoursup
  • Declare the fight against school bullying and cyberbullying as a major national cause
  • Distribution of student income of 850 euros per month
  • Implement a major national plan for the construction, repair or equipment of schools
  • Restore the possibility of passing the professional baccalaureate in 4 years instead of 3 by creating CAP for all sectors
  • Recruiting 90,000 teachers
  • Increase national education budget by 45%
  • Salary wage increase (+30% and melting point index). Pre-recruitment at bac + 2 level
  • Increase school hours (27h in elementary, 32h in college/high school, 36h for high school students with options)
  • Finish the homework
  • Build logic on 3 levels (Literature and humanities, science, culture, art and sport)
  • Reduce class size: no more than 15 students in small section, 20 in kindergarten and primary, 25 maximum in secondary
  • Doing “everything it takes to succeed in school” is free

Suggestions by Eric Zemmour

  • Back to a baccalaureate “requested and selected”.
  • Graduating from single college
  • Return the Primary School Certificate
  • Suspension of family allowances for parents of disruptive or absentee students
  • It will be mandatory to wear a smock in elementary school
  • Quickly access scholarships for middle classes
  • Relaunch higher normal schools

Method: for each of your answers, our simulator gives you more or less points compared to each candidate. At the end of the questions, we offer you a list of candidates, starting with one with several points of agreement on all the questions asked. This “ranking” is obviously to be taken as an indication, as it is incomplete, even if we make sure of the various questions. To give you a definitive opinion, we invite you in particular to consult all the programs of the candidates. You can find them here or on official sites.

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