Derby Lille – Lens: “No more relationships with supporters, it’s creating a lot of frustration,” said Pascal Cygan

Pascal Cygan (47) launched his professional career at LOSC (1995 to 2002), Yoann Lachor (46) scored the title goal in 1998 with RC Lens, where he spent ten years, from 1996 to 2006. Views from the Northerners, formerly emblematic players at their club, in the derby (this Saturday, 9 pm).


A common derby memory?

The two defenders played two derbies against each other during the 2001-2002 season, at Bollaert on August 26, 2001 (1-1), then at Grimonprez-Jooris on January 11, 2002 (Lensoise’s 0-1 victory , goal from Diouf, on a failed pass from Cygan).

Pascal Cygan
“Memories abound. What remains is the enthusiasm of the supporters. It’s game time for them, meeting supporters in the opposing camp every day, at work, anywhere. There is chambering, a power relationship that matters. For us, Northerners, it was also a struggle since childhood: we wanted to win games against Lens, Valenciennes, the local clubs. But in the game, it’s always right, with no particular anger. I know Arsenal – Manchester where there were punches and threats before the game. Between Lens and Lille, it’s even more nice to have a form of respect. We meet again. We are adults. »

Yoann Lachor
: “We play a lot with the elderly, but he always gets hurt (laughs)! We always see each other happy, we sleep with each other, sometimes we fight a little because the competition is still there: even if it’s cold, if we win, we’re content enough. But we talked. I don’t remember specifically the derby against Pascal but what I do remember is that he was tough on man, rude. She was a little scared. We knew he would impose a physical fight on his attacker and reassemble his team, as a leader. »


The current fight

Pascal Cygan
: “He stays alive with the supporters, for the players maybe a little bit. There are almost no Northerners anymore and cloistering the players in training, they are deprived of the supporters, no more relationships. It also creates a relationship. much disappointment.We, on their arrival, shouted at us directly to the edge of the field, now they could no longer and evacuate the disappointment otherwise.They came a long time, to see their idols and, at last , they haven’t met anyone. And moreover, sometimes, we deprive them of a game… ”

Yoann Lachor
: “The competition is obviously a bit of a play, because it’s not anchored. Even if the players have specific values ​​that are common in the region, like Jean-Louis Leca who is from a region (Corsica) that have strong amounts of membership, they haven’t experienced this youth competition, all this experience, this feeling .. That doesn’t mean they won’t consider the derby.Lensois in the last two times understood that it was very important for the club, a highlight for the supporters. They were able to excel themselves. »


What is the prognosis?

Pascal Cygan
“It’s balanced. The two dynamics are somewhat different. We are solid but there is no content, not this spark that vibrates the stadium. The opposite of Lens, can do a lot of good but also a little bad. But even if it’s not very good, it’s not in vain, like us. They may have cashed in, they may have lost, but they have scored, there is contentment. We prefer to play on a defensive base that probably allows us to attack more calmly but in the end, these are fragments of offensive intentions that are not enough for a French champion, unfortunately. I would say 1-0: since we’re solid, let’s hope for a little offensive flash. You will not lose more points. I play with players who want to attack like Zhegrova. »

Yoann Lachor
: “It’s hard to answer, but Lille, I think, prefers to be in control, to manage the game while Lens moves faster forward, with a game transition, more rhythm, greater risk. I can’t imagine Frank. (Haise) go to Lille to not win. I think two different tempos, owning maybe even more Lille, Lens can be hurt by ball recoveries and transfers. Lens victory 1-2. »

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