Covid: detained, Shanghai residents sleep in the office and can’t get their dog

Almost the entire city was confined for more than two weeks.

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During the day it’s an office, at night a makeshift house: facing the stringent preventive measures that have paralyzed Shanghai amid an epidemic, Chinese employees camped out at their workplace to continue their activity in all costs.

Rapid influx of Covid

China’s economic capital is facing the largest surge of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. To address this, authorities detained nearly all 25 million residents in their homes for more than two weeks. The Shanghai belfry was initially scheduled to last four days and be held in two phases: first the eastern part of the city, then the western part.

Feeling the tide of change, some chose from the first hours of incarceration to remain at their workplace to limit the economic impact. This is the case of Romeo, a Chinese who prefers to use a pseudonym in testimony. In his business, people sleep on the first and second floors, and (for the rest of the time) everyone is on their pole », Shows this employee working in finance.

Residents ration themselves

By necessity, interactions between colleagues are important even after office hours, without violating the relationship, Romeo assures. On social networks, videos of factory workers sleeping on the makeshift mattress while their colleagues continue production are not uncommon. The virus, which was first announced as a slow and local scale, seems set to continue as the rest of the world learns to live with the virus.

The move, which severely penalizes supplies, has left many Shanghai residents unattended. ” I never thought about my meals and carefully monitored my consumption “One of them, Frank Tsai, who only kept the food for four days, said the length of detention was first announced by the authorities. After seven days of detention, the parts were made to” smaller and smaller “As the reserves run out, underline from his apartment this businessman, who usually organizes conferences.

58 euros for a soda and noodles

Si Ms. Ma, a resident who wanted to hide her entire identity, claimed she paid 400 yuan (58 euros) for a soda and instant noodles, because Shanghai was short of supply. In recent weeks, food prices have jumped in the town, while at the gates of the metropolis thousands of heavy vehicles have been stranded. Shipping applications, which are so popular in China, are struggling to keep demand from exploding, due to a lack of people delivering.

Shanghai, a metropolis in normal times of full effervescence, has experienced an unusually calm in recent weeks, broken only by announcements from authorities to stay at home, broadcast by drones and … robot-dog. Pet owners have recourse to the D system, outings are strictly prohibited even for small dog needs.

The Health Ministry reported more than 23,000 new positive cases in the town on Tuesday. Very high number for China, one of the last countries in the world to apply a zero Covid strategy.

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