What to do in a “meh” relationship?

No faux pas, but no art. No clumsiness, but nothing wise. Not the desire to look into each other’s eyes, but less the desire to look elsewhere. Basically: there is no hatred between the two, but… love trembles. Is it healthy to stay in a relationship that only deserves a passing grade? We circled this kind of commitment with Pierrette Anne Boucher, human relations trainer.

The first signs of a vitamin -deficient relationship are not always obvious. Often, when the relationship ends, it’s because other parts of one of the partners ’lives are frozen as well, Ms. Boucher. So someone who can make choices is less likely to allow a relationship to drift.

We remind you, but between spouses, all parties need to be involved: “Do both work to ensure comfort? the [le couple] include projects? Without it, the stay would be [entre autres] a form of stagnation “, the specialist recognized. If it is difficult to maintain a relationship without flame, leaving it can be just as difficult.

In a codependent situation, a lack of relational growth can lead to a series of uncomfortable situations. A constant disappointment, unfulfilled expectations, an idea of ​​love that is slowly darkening … By ignoring these daily failures, “we miss‘ me ’”, that is to say part of yourself. “And that’s where we shock ourselves with wanting to feed‘ me ’”, emphasizes Pierrette Anne Boucher. A part of yourself is weakened by the struggle against constant discomfort.

False comfort zone

Amua BFFs The content will say “okay, leave it!” and it is very easy to grant this freedom. Often, our loved one reminds us of happy memories and a zone of “comfort” that we have the impression of never seeing anywhere else. For those who are skeptical, we are there for you. Amua BFFs on the outside, i.e. relationships expert Pierrette Anne Boucher, assures us that we are “never comfortable in a relationship that is dying”.

Caution: heal yourself. Stupid both. For if we pay a little attention to ourselves and ask ourselves a little question of what we are, how we feel, what we want … that’s when we make achievements. “Awareness is the first step towards freedom,” according to the specialist.

No matter how old you are, the kids or the years of the relationship, the important thing is to first realize and name what will work… or not.

Questions to Ask When Diagnosing a “Meh” Relationship.

1. Did my partner and I form something breastfeeding?

HAVE Yes, it sounds good!
B- Feeding? Phew, no.

2. Do we have projects together? Short, medium, long term?

HAVE Yes, we love to have it.
B- You don’t have to…

3. Do we work together to ensure each other’s comfort?

HAVE Sure. We are gentle with each other.
B- Uh, I think I’m the only one who ensures the comfort of the relationship …

4. If I feel incessant, does this feeling feel elsewhere?

HAVE No, I feel a rough patch in my relationship.
B- I also believe I am stagnating at work, in my social and personal life…

5. Do I long for freedom?

HAVE No, because I feel free in my relationship.
B- Yes, please, take me away from me!

6. Have I tasted some kind of freedom?

HAVE I have already tasted the harvest in my relationship.
B- I felt like my relationship was preventing me from tasting some kind of freedom.

7. Did my spouse put up an injury?

HAVE They supported me, but their primary role was not to heal my wounds.
B- Yes, I need them, otherwise the wound will burn again.

8. Do I have a sense of growing up with my partner?

HAVE Sure.
B- I live on a plateau… and not Plateau-Mont-Royal.

You have most of the A’s

Your relationship is far from “meh”! However, every good couple goes through adversity. As long as a bad feeling is not allowed to drift and be discussed openly and with care; you stay on the right path!

You have most of the Bs

MEH! You may not be in the ideal relationship situation. First, the important thing is to be aware of it. Next, ask yourself about your level of happiness. Maybe it’s a change in your life! Don’t forget: you always have a choice.

You have more A than B

It’s time to ask yourself some questions, which aren’t bad in itself. Stocking can be beneficial not only in your relationship, but also in other areas of your life. What about a little wine night and a list of pros and cons?

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