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Especially intended for animals with long hair, dog combs can help remove knots and hairballs. They are also effective in removing dead hair and restoring shine and luster to the fur.

There are many models of dog combs. Some have a one-click cleaning button, some have multiple rows of teeth, some have a side and side brush… In all cases, dog combs are lightweight and easy to hold. The dog owner should also have a good time with no wrist pain! Constant resistance to your dog is important for his health. This way you can make sure her skin is in good condition, no sores or irritation. Will you soon welcome a Collie or a Shetland Sheepdog? These dog breeds need constant care, as their long, fine hair is easily tangled. Find out the most practical models by browsing the comparison we have written for you. Your little pooch will soon enjoy long wiping sessions with you. Walk slowly to soften it slowly!


  1. The most versatile
  2. Good amount of money
  3. The most ergonomic
  4. The most enjoyable to manage

Furminator double dog brush, without bisphenol A

Intended for dogs and cats, with long and short hair, this Furminator dog comb will not pull hair. This allows the animal to retain a silky coat, while stimulating sebum secretion. Made of non -toxic plastic, this dog comb has stainless steel teeth. You can use it every day, for about 5-10 minutes. It works well on wet hair like dry hair. As for the handle of this double brush, it has an ergonomic handle, adapted to the shape of the hand.

Mennyo dog comb, with round teeth

Featuring an ergonomic handle with a non-slip coating, this dog comb is very comfortable to hold. You won’t have a wrist pain at the end of the dog’s healing! The 12-tooth part is designed to remove lumps, while the 23-tooth part is very effective during bleeding. The teeth are made of stainless steel, while the comb body is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and non-toxic. The brush with a double row of teeth has a 15.7 cm long comb.

The Animigo dog comb, detangles up to 90% of the knots

With its ergonomic and non-slip handle, this dog comb is lightweight and easy to hold. Made with non -abrasive materials, it is easy to handle. It has a metal tip with stainless steel teeth, which penetrate into the undercoat. This dog grooming accessory is also practical to clean, as it is enough to press the button to recover the teeth on the head. The clustered hairs form a ball that you can throw directly. With curved edges, this long dog hair comb fits the morphology of the animal.

The Pecute dog comb, with two types of teeth

Made of stainless steel, the blades of these two combs are very strong and do not rust. The “12 teeth” part of the double-sided comb allows you to remove knots, while the “23 teeth” part is very useful during moulting. This will soak into the undercoat and remove dead hair without damaging the coat. All tines have round tips, so that they don’t hurt the animal’s skin, even if you force a little force unintentionally. The handle of the 2-in-1 comb has a non-slip coating, which promotes a pleasing grip.

How to use a comb for your dog?

To remove the bristles from your long hair smoke using a comb, start by brushing it in the direction of the hair. Walk slowly, so as not to pull the knots with the comb. If you can’t get some of it, don’t hesitate to remove it with your fingers. If there are no more knots, use a brush to brush your animal, always in the direction of the hair.

If your dog is running out, also use the metal curry comb to cover him with grains. This will remove all dead hair.

Finally, if you have a short haired dog, comb it with grain to get rid of all the dandruff and dead hair. Then buff the feather in the direction of the hair to restore its shine.

How to comb your dog without getting hurt?

This is important to comb your pooch gently, so as not to pull his hair. If this is the first time you’ve done this and the animal is a bit upset, start by reassuring it by talking to it. Touch him, show him you are relaxed and have nothing to fear. She will also smell the container and any accessories you will use for her grooming session.

You need to reassure your animal very well, to avoid any sudden movements. If he starts to move as you remove a curl, his hair may pull and he will be scared! If necessary, carry her on your lap during the first posture, so she can assimilate the brushing session into a big hug.

Do not force the comb too hard, for fear of touching the skin. Even if your brush teeth have round tips, they are hard enough to not scratch the skin too much. If you have a sensitive or anxious dog, it can be traumatic for him!

Finally, don’t hesitate to give your pet some attention, to reward him when he remains very quiet.

How often should you comb your dog?

It depends on the type of fur your dog has. If it’s a short haired variety, like a bull terrier or Australian Cattle Dog, it’s enough to comb it once or twice a week so that its coat stays shiny and strong.

As for dogs with short hair, such as jack russell, Czech wolfhound or French bulldog, they need a brushing session every two days.

Finally, long-haired and semi-long-haired doggies need to be washed daily.

Of course, if your pet comes back from a walk with spikelets and weeds everywhere, you’ll need to brush it right away, even if you’ve already done so a few hours ago.

How to strip a dog with a comb?

The stripping comb comes in the form of an accessory with teeth more than 2 cm in length. They are still far from the teeth of a comb used only for removal.

The stripping comb is used to remove dead undercoat, without tearing the fur and without hurting the doggie.

To groom your dog, place the container on top of his coat, digging the teeth into the undercoat. Then comb it in the direction of the hair, without forcing if there are knots. If you feel resistance, rock the comb from the bristles, without pulling the hairs.

This type of comb is very useful for dogs with long and medium hair.

Are combs suitable for all types of dog hair?

No, some combs are only suitable for one type of hair, while the bristles require a brush or even a massage glove.

If your dog has long or medium length hair, you can use a wire comb to remove any tangles that have formed on his coat. Then take a spiked currycomb to remove all the dead hair sticking to her skin. Finish brushing with a bristle brush, airing the epidermis.

If you have a dog with short hair, the metal comb or the rake comb is great for removing dead hair. After combing, also use the bristle brush to massage the skin and remove it.

As for short-haired dogs, you can feed them with a brush or rubber gloves. No need to comb!

Finally, if you have a stiff animal hair, you need to remove it with a trimmer.

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