New details have been leaked about the Marvel movie on the networks!

Know without delay the latest new release about Thor Love and Thunder!

For cinema fanatics, this year promises to be amazing. In fact, many long -awaited titles will be coming out soon in theaters! You have enough to pass the time! Characters with incredible powers like Black Panther, Thor, Black Adam and many more will be back soon!

But recently, Marvel Studios revealed new information about one of the feature films that viewers have been waiting for. If nothing else, find out everything you need to know about Thor Love And Thunder!

Thor Love And Thunder: A sales leak has been declared!

While fans are eagerly awaiting information on Marvel Studios ’next blockboster, spoilers are being shared on social media. In fact, the production wants to let viewers know that the release of Thor Love And Thunder is now official and that the latter is no longer in danger of being postponed! Interesting news for moviegoers!

New details about Thor Love and Thunder were revealed recently as the official trailer for the film has yet to be released. However, it is better than nothing. But that’s not all! If you look at social networks, you can see that figurines representing the characters in the upcoming feature film have appeared!

There seem to be a total of seven main characters in Thor Love and Thunder based on this information. We can say that Marvel Studios has found out how to keep the link in the audience! In fact, it gives fans a glimpse of the cast of the film!

In this figurine collection about the promotion for the release of Thor Love and Thunder, we see that there are two different models of the main character “Thor”. In fact, one of them is called Damages Thor while one is wearing a new blue costume! These are not random details! What has this feature film prepared for us?

All the elements will be considered in this fourth episode of Thor

We always rely on the numbers released recently. These looks are very important to the cast of the movie Thor Love and Thunder. In this selection, it seems that Butcher of the Gods, “Gorr”, adopts a new look that intrigues the audience.

In fact, the Thor Love And Thunder character composed by Christian Bale takes the form of a stone statue! But also, this one no longer wears his famous emblematic tendrils! Is it all because of chance? We are not like that! It can be seen that this upcoming film has small details that definitely have a lot of meaning.

Among other characters in Thor Love and Thunder, Valkyrie Day, played by Tessa Thomson also got a nice number. The same for Mighty Thor aka Jane Foster. For information, these products are also good quality! You can give it to your children.

And to complete the presentation of the seven characters included in the film, there will also be new figurines of Groot and Star-Lord. These were the roles most loved by most of the audience in the previous episode!

Thor Love and Thunder: other details revealed!

When a dangerous new visitor threatens the life of New Asgard, Queen Valkyrie is forced to change her sword to protect her people. “. This legend is also in the figurines posted online about the release of Thor Love and Thor.

Based on fan reviews, the series will take on the events of Avengers: Endgame. Thor’s character therefore has to reunite with his allies since “ Killer of the Gods », Gorr, he was chosen as the next target! He will fight alongside Valkyrie, the queen of New Asgard and Jane Foster, his ex-girlfriend. The war promises to be amazing! Mark the date on your calendar, the film will be released on July 13th.

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