MontBlanc Media Group envisions workshops to raise awareness of fake news

It’s time to pass it on to the younger generation With the advent of social networks and the context of various crises, media education a big challenge for the younger generation. Passing on the right reflexes and arousing a critical sense is the joint responsibility of the media and the education system.
At the same time, the local media is the one in need of the greatest public trust for 80% of French people, based on the IFOP study in November 2021. This study also revealed that 70% of French people are included in their local radio stations. So with great commitment and feeling the Mont Blanc Medias Group, a local and committed media group, is changing by creating fake news awareness workshops with teenage students, with the confidence of the La Roche-Sur-Foron-based ESCR School Group, itself at the forefront of the topic; The school group began a process of raising awareness with this sensitive topic of misinformation. As part of the press week, but also with the use of social networks, awareness actions were taken by students related to digital problems, especially Stéphane Blocquaux. The workshops set up with the Mont Blanc Medias Group are part of this approach to middle school students.

An “immersive” program: from an awareness workshop to a podcast

A complete program was created over two days with half of the 4th grade classes per day. The program is organized in 2 stages. A first “theoretical” phase, students visited the studios, attended the Matinale de Radio Mont Blanc live and received a “theoretical” presentation on

wrong information tower. And the second time, they were put in the situation. Accompanied by the editorial team of Radio Mont Blanc, an enthusiastic outside expert, and led by their French teacher, the students produced a series of 1-minute podcasts “Réveil Desinformations”, such as in a “tutorial” to combat misinformation. knowledge of fake news. In pairs, 1 student playing the role of a journalist, the second playing a specialist, the podcast presents different themes about fake news, in a sincere and genuine way. Students wrote their paper and recorded it on the microphone. “We want students to be actors themselves to better understand the subject. We know 20 years of the internet and 20 years of” no internet “, it is important that we ensure a role in passing on media education for our young generation ” said Caroline Chicard-Kubler Managing Director Radio Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc Medias Group).

The broadcast device:

The podcast series “Réveil Desinformation” will be available on multicast on the antenna for over 2 weeks on Radio Mont Blanc from Wednesday April 13 to Friday April 29 daily at 11:55 a.m. and 4:55 p.m. , which resonated in the media week and in the press. The series is also available on all podcast platforms (Apple Podcast, Deezer, Spotify, etc.) as well as on the radio website HERE.

A total of 14 one-minute podcasts were recorded by 28 students.
Romain Bruneau, antenna director at Radio Mont Blanc added “PODcasts are already a popular format for more and more people and of course for this young generation. This audio support can be used as a classroom education tool but also listen and re-listen to other young people and parents on the radio and on site. Giving students a voice provides an uplifting experience for everyone. ”
Find the operation teaser:

A pioneering approach for the ESCR Group

The Deputy Director of the ESCR Group spoke at the microphone feedback on Radio Mont Blanc during the morning Wednesday April 13 “We fight every day so that middle school students can have critical thinking, make informed, independent and unrestrained decisions; They will make the world tomorrow ”. Media education is an issue that the ESCR group wants to prioritize. Various interventions punctuated the year’s program and education groups conducted job monitoring for 4th grade classes. Parents applauded the new approach and the joy the students got from this experience.

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